League players mock Aurelion Sol rework with ‘200 year’ meme as multiple bugs emerge

aurelion sol lor splash artRiot Games

League of Legends’ newest rework of the Star Dragon Aurelion Sol has players being reminded of a certain ‘200-year-old’ meme.

Aurelion Sol is the latest champion to receive a rework in League of Legends, with the dragon being met with a complete gameplay overhaul. The rework has moved Aurelion Sol into more of a fighter mage, with a new kit brought along to reflect it.

Alongside his new abilities, Aurelion Sol has received visual updates to his abilities and also cosmetics, with a pretty rare easter egg involving his Storm Dragon skin.

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Whilst this all seems great, Aurelion Sol’s rework has seemingly brought in a good amount of bugs with it on the PBE, which has some players concerned about whether or not he’ll be ready when he hits the live servers.

storm dragon aurelion solRiot Games
Aurelion Sol’s Storm Dragon skin will be receiving some new touch-ups.

League YouTuber Vandiril has a knack for finding bugs, so much so that he’s even made Riot disable multiple champions after discovering them. This time, Vandiril set his sights on Aurelion Sol, and found two bugs that could very easily break the game if not solved before he hits the live servers.

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The first bug involves using all of Aurelion’s abilities in conjunction with one another. Whilst being near walls, Aurelion Sol can channel his Q while flying with his W. Once doing that, throwing down his E in select locations will actually cause him to fall under the map.

This leads to all sorts of jankiness for the Star Dragon, as he seemingly teleports around short distances for a while, and can only be fixed by hitting a blast cone to reset his model.

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The second bug involves having at least two Aurelion Sols in-game. Aurelion Sol’s newest Q ability, Breath of Light causes him to channel a beam outwards toward enemies. Enemies hit with the breath for at least one second take a chunk of damage, and this process continuously repeats itself.

However, having two Aurelion Sols in the game causes this to bug out massively. When both Aurelion Sols hit the same target with their Q, it seemingly reduces the 1-second windup to 0 seconds and causes the target to take huge chunks of damage at a time.

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Generally, this wouldn’t be a problem, as most of the time with in-game modes like ranked, only one player can pick Aurelion Sol. However, in queues like blind pick or One for All, this bug could cause massive havoc, as it sees the Star Forger dealing far more damage than anticipated.

These bugs have caused some players to bring back a time-old classic, the 200 years meme.

The 200-year meme originated from a balancing debate Wuhong main HaRAMbe had with a Rioter on January 8, 2020. In this argument HaRAMbe was asking for Wukong to be buffed, stating that his damage was too low.

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However, Riot Lutzburg argued back that the team at Riot believed otherwise and that he doesn’t “know what to tell you when 20+ professionals are confidently saying otherwise.” This was then followed up in a now-deleted tweet, “Being good at playing a certain character in a video game is valuable, but I think I’ll take the 200+ collective years of professional game design experience.”

This would come to haunt Riot as Kindred one trick ForestWithin created a comical video mocking the comment.

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And the memes, unfortunately, did not stop coming, as Riot shortly released Aphelios after this video was made. Aphelios was by far the most insane champion Riot had released at the time, with a ridiculously overloaded kit, it brought memories of the classic 200-year meme all over again.

“200 years of experience and we barely tapped into the power of the unholy bug” and “keep up the good work riot. Your 200+ years of game design shows well” weren’t uncommon to see in the comment section of the Aurelion videos, with Riot seemingly being haunted ever since the release of Moon Man Aphelios in December of 2019.

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