LoL’s new Auerlion Sol rework gives fan-favorite skin an insanely rare Easter egg

storm dragon aurelion solRiot Games

League of Legends players have found an interesting new easter while messing around with the reworked Aurelion Sol on the PBE.

Aurelion Sol’s rework recently hit the PBE for League of Legends. The Star Forger is receiving a massive CGU, meaning a core gameplay update, in which Riot is changing out his entire kit. Riot is looking to shift Aurelion Sol into more of a dive mage, whose abilities can infinitely scale as he collects stardust from his enemies.

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Aurelion Sol was originally released in League as a fighter mage, who utilized stars rotating around him in order to deal damage. However, this isn’t the first we saw of Aurelion Sol, who was first named Ao Shin, the Storm Dragon. In order for Riot to commemorate and honor Ao Shin, Aurelion Sol was given his very own Storm Dragon skin.

While players were testing out the Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol skin on the PBE, they discovered a rather unusual easter egg whilst calling down meteors.

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Keen-eyed players were able to spot that when using his ultimate, Falling Star/The Skies Descend, players found that Aurelion Sol was actually firing Lee Sin at his enemies.

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol is actually a part of a larger skin line called Four Beasts/Dragonmancers, which contains several champions with their own themed skin. Lee Sin and Aurelion Sol share the Storm Dragon theme, so it’s only natural that the dragon would call upon Lee Sin to rain down divine thunder against any who opposed him.

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This Easter egg, however, is pretty rare, so much so that it’s unlikely you’ll see it often. Dexerto is able to confirm through testing on the PBE that this Easter egg appears roughly one in every 100 attempts.

Taking into consideration that Aurelion Sol can cast ult maybe 20 times per game, and they need to be Storm Dragon A Sol, you should consider yourself pretty lucky if you end up being beaten down by a Lee Sin from the stratosphere.

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