League of Legends players rejoice after Riot fixes age-old Vladimir bug

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League of Legends players are rejoicing after Riot finally implemented a fix for a long-existing bug with Vladimir’s Q ability, Transfusion.

Riot’s massively popular MOBA League of Legends is a pretty sizable game. Being released over 10 years ago with constant additions to the game during that time, Riot has quite a lot of content to juggle with. With the sheer amount of moving parts in League of Legends, there are bound to be things that break or don’t work the way they are intended to at times.

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There have been countless occasions where something in League of Legends has significantly broken the game. For example, the most recent champion Milio was able to completely crash the entire lobby for all players. Alongside this, Riot needs to consistently balance all the various assets within the game, ensuring a roughly fair experience for all players.

Therefore each patch Riot puts out to the player base is often filled with balance changes and bug fixes. This help to change up the meta and fix the various bugs that can often come creeping in over time. One of the most recent bug fixes that arrived in Patch 13.7 was a fix to Vladimir’s Q ability Transfusion.

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Vladimir’s Transfusion ability allows him to drain the life from a target, gaining some health in the process. However, this ability has been bugged for quite some time now, where if Vladimir cast the ability on a target that died mid-cast, the ability would not go off and go on cooldown instead. Fortunately, the new patch has changed this, and Vladimir still casts the ability despite the target dying.

League of Legends community pleased after Riot fixes incredibly old Vladimir bug

League of Legends bug finder and YouTuber Vandiril made an entire video to celebrate the change, considering how long the infamous bug has been in the game. Alongside the video, plenty of commenters were more than pleased to see this annoying bug finally squashed, giving their favorite hemomancer a bit more power.

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Vladimir lovers swarmed the comments, expressing their joy. “Holy duck, I cannot express my happiness as a former vlad otp. Took them a few years but hey, they finally did it” a former Vladimir player stated in the comments.

Whilst others were glad to see that bug was fixed, pointing out that this bug could occur multiple times per game, theorizing that his win rate may increase as a result. “Pretty sure his winrate will increase with this fix. This bug was extremely common. Like multiple times a game common,” another user commented.

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Riot still has plenty of bugs and glitches to fix in League of Legends, however, the player base is more than happy to see at least some of them are finally being fixed.

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