League of Legends leak gives players early look at Seraphine’s abilities

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League of Legends Seraphine smiling with headset

League songstress Seraphine is coming to the game soon. While that news is Riot’s worst kept secret, her kit has been kept under lock. However, a datamine has surfaced, giving players an early look at the mage’s abilities.

Seraphine has been touted as League’s next “sensational mage,” according to leaks from Brazilian streamer Streamie in August. However, what that title actually meant was a little unclear.

There’s a number of mages already in League of Legends. Would Seraphine be like the bursty Syndra or Ryze, or perhaps the more control style of Orianna? Maybe a more supportive type ala Nami, Lulu, or Karma? We could now have our answer.

K/DA lineup of Akali, Kai'Sa, Seraphine, Ahri, and Evelynn.
Seraphine has finally officially joined K/DA for a collab, and she’s about to hit the Rift too.

The new champion has had two of her abilities leaked, thanks to a datamine from the Wild Rift game files by ‘PixelButts‘, and it looks like Seraphine is going to be a mix of all of those.

Seraphine passive and E leaked

The two abilities leaked are seemingly her passive and her E. Her passive incorporates a new “Echo” mechanic that allows her to cast abilities twice. Using her abilities near allies also grants “notes,” which gives her extra attack range and damage on her next attack.

This can make for some pretty cool combos with the rest of her kit, including when combined with her leaked E. Seraphine’s third ability will shield all nearby ally champions, granting them movement speed ⁠— similar to Karma’s E. However, if Seraphine is already shielded, nearby allies will be healed based on missing health.

This, combined with the Echo passive, means Seraphine can shield and heal her allies at the same time if she has her passive stacked.

There’s no info out there about her Q, W, or ultimate. These abilities will really give players an idea of how her kit really works. She could still be a more supportive type of mage, but Riot could also just pound a ton of damage into her kit.

The files have actually existed in Wild Rift since the Alpha went live in select regions across the world earlier this year. Back then, we didn’t know who they belonged to, but now it’s evidently clear the leaks are about Champion 152 ⁠— Seraphine.

Now the big question remains: when is Seraphine being released? There hasn’t been a solid date penned in, but given she’s performing with K/DA at Worlds, we can expect her release around October when the championship starts.

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