Mysterious teasers for new LoL champion Seraphine discovered on Twitter

Isaac McIntyre

Mysterious new teasers for upcoming League of Legends champion Seraphine, expected to be released ahead of Worlds 2020, have begun appearing on strange Twitter and Instagram accounts over the past few weeks.

Little is known about League of Legends champion 152. We do already know Season 10’s next champ will be a “sensational mage,” thanks to insider leaks revealed by Brazilian streamer Streamie a little earlier this month. Outside of that, there’s not much else to go off.

The mysterious new teasers popping up on social media certainly seem to line up with that development title though. The accounts are both listed under the name, “Seraphine,” with the handle “@seradotwav” on Twitter and Instagram.

Seraphine teasers have begun appearing on mysterious Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Seraphine teasers have begun appearing on mysterious Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Seraphine is described in all her social media bios as an “aspiring songwriter [and] producer” who has “got big dreams”. That lines up with leaks champ 152’s “sensational” nature will come from her musical abilities.

There’s plenty of links to League of Legends devs Riot Games in the Seraphine images too. Annie’s bear Tibbers appears in the background of at least one of her posted photos, all of which she claims are “actually [her].”

Seraphine has also covered a series of music tracks on a Soundcloud profile under the name “seradotwav.” Her first cover is of “Childhood Dreams,” by Ary, who is licensed to Universal ⁠— the same company Riot just partnered with for Worlds.

For now, Seraphine has only been posting status updates that make it seem like she’s an aspiring muso in New York. The account ⁠— which just ticked a smidge over 13k followers ⁠— may add more proper teasers soon though.

⁠Seraphine should debut during Worlds 2020

These mysterious social media accounts certainly do seem to be the start of a teaser run for League champ 152. If that’s the case, the “sensational mage” should be set to arrive in-game sooner rather than later.

Riot has already handed us a rough Seraphine release date as well. Back in June, in a champ roadmap update, the devs admitted they were aiming to “release one new champion per role each year,” starting in Season 10.

Sett (top), Lillia (jungle), and Yone (mid) have already made their debuts on Summoner’s Rift this year. New “jawdropping” marksman Samira is also not far off her release. That would fill the bot lane requirement for Riot’s 2020 plans.

Samira is next on the champ roadmap, with Riot targeting a release around patch 10.20. That would put ⁠Seraphine on a collision course with Worlds ⁠— patch 10.24 ⁠— and time it perfectly for her to release one of the Worlds songs.

Seraphine will likely be released around the start of Worlds in September.
Seraphine will likely be released around the start of Worlds in September.

Dexerto also reached out to the ‘Seraphine’ account. At the time of publishing, we have received no reply from whoever is responsible for the profile.

For now, take the teasers with a grain of salt. Seraphine evidence is certainly stacking up, but until Riot comes out with an announcement on League champion 152, nothing is locked in.

Keep your eyes peeled though, and make sure you’re following @seradotwav on Twitter and Instagram. If we know Riot, there’s sure to be plenty more juicy teasers to come; you wouldn’t want to miss out on more early hints!

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