League of Legends cosplayers squad up with perfect Kayle and Jinx outfits

Daniel Cleary

Popular cosplayers “Evvils” and “Estherjc23” joined forces to share their takes on fan-favorite League of Legends champions, Kayle and Jinx.

League of Legends features over 145 unique champions, each with unique ability kits to help them stand out, making them perfect for cosplayers.

Two champions that stand out both for their abilities and unique looks are Jinx and Kayle, who were chosen by cosplayers and fans of the popular MOBA, Evvils and Estherjc23, for their latest project.

Kayle and Jinx are known for their unique style and abilities in League of Legends.

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Jinx is known for her explosive personality in League of Legends, rightly nicknamed the Loose Cannon for her love of mayhem and is often seen as one of the go-to picks for ADC mains.

However, Kayle, The Winged Protector, is completely opposite, often fighting for justice within the game’s lore which helps to add a nice contrast between the popular cosplayers.

Evvils shared photos of their cosplays on her Instagram, where the pair had linked up at popular gaming convention, MAGfest, to show off their hard work.

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“I love this picture with Estherjc23,” Evvils added, “Name a better duo bot lane, her Kayle is so good.”

Although some of her fans were quick to point out that there were other champions with better synergy in League of Legends, there is no denying that they make for an excellent duo outside of the Rift.

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The cosplayers clearly put a lot of attention into the details of both outfits, mirroring Jinx’s and Kayle’s in-game look, even pulling off some of the most difficult aspects such as Kayle’s wings and Jinx’s ‘Fishbones’ rocket launcher.

League of Legends was first launched back in 2009, but creative fans such as Evvils and Esther are still coming up with new ways to bring their favorite characters to life.

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