Perfect Bewitching Miss Fortune cosplay enchants League of Legends fans

Isaac McIntyre

Miss Fortune’s Bewitching skin has been brought to life in a stunning League of Legends costume worn by cosplayer Kathleen ‘KatKwo’ Wong, who unveiled her spellbinding take on the sultry ADC at PAX East in Boston.

League of Legends’ sassy bounty hunter has had a long and tenured career on Summoner’s Rift, but only recently returned to the top of the MOBA’s bot lane tier list. She now sits atop the totem pole with a 51.88% win rate in Season 10.

This was great news for Wong, who admits she “almost exclusively just plays Miss Fortune” when she’s loading onto the Rift. It makes complete sense then that she’s assembled one of the best takes on the champion we’ve seen!

League of Legends' sultry pirate Miss Fortune is a fan-favourite for cosplays.
League of Legends’ sultry pirate Miss Fortune is a fan-favourite for cosplays.

League cosplayer struts her stuff as Miss Fortune

There’s plenty to love about Wong’s accurate portrayal of MF’s limited-edition Halloween skin release. The outfit ⁠— made by NayiRu and captured in all its haunting glory by photographer Phil Jamsri ⁠— gets nearly everything right.

The standout piece of the ‘fit is Miss Fortune’s oversized witch’s hat. Adorned with a bronze crescent moon, the purple wide-brimmed hat shades much of the legends’ flowing red hair, both of which Wong pulls off with style.

The stunning model even brought a candlewick gun to the shoot too, capturing the themed variant of Miss Fortune’s iconic pistols perfectly. The outfit is rounded out puffy cut sleeves and a crimson skirt trimmed with white.

There was only one thing missing from Jamsri’s snap of Wong ⁠— MF’s tight, knee-high red boots, though considering the accuracy of the rest of the costume, there’s little doubt Wong was strutting around in those at PAX East too.

Not only was the costume itself stunning, but the turnaround on the creation was pretty nutty too. According to Wong, who spoke to Dexerto about the cosplay creation, NayiRu whipped it up in “literally just three days” ahead of the event.

Once the model received her purple and red outfit, sent from Chile, she took it out at PAX to plenty of praise. It was a special moment for KatKwo, she added, considering MF was the hero that lured her to League in the first place.

“Miss Fortune is the first character I learned how to play, and she’s now my main,” Wong told Dexerto, and admitted she “wasn’t interested in MOBAs” until she saw the pirate’s splash art. “I almost exclusively play Miss Fortune now!”

Wong told Dexerto she was planning on cosplaying as Pool Party Miss Fortune next.
Wong told Dexerto she was planning on cosplaying as Pool Party Miss Fortune next.

Keep your eyes peeled for more works of art from Wong too. According to the League-loving cosplay model, she’s planning to attend ColossalCon 2020 as Pool Party Miss Fortune. “As long as it’s still on,” she added.

Miss Fortune isn’t the only League character in her wheelhouse either. She’s also appeared as a genderbent Ryze Whitebeard in the past, and added she could consider costumes for Lux and Jinx too. There’s plenty to come!

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