League of Legends adding new Mythics to buff mages & supports in Season 12 update

Xerath casts League of Legends ability.Riot Games

League of Legends players will soon be able to get their hands on more powerful Mythic items, Riot Games has confirmed, with plans to add several of the core weapons for mages & supports in the Season 12 preseason.

Riot Games has unveiled plans to add several new items to League of Legends in the  Season 12 preseason update, including two Mythics and three legendaries.

The League devs admitted several of their champions and classes have felt “left out” when it comes to Mythics that “really speak to them,” a fact they are eager to rectify. In a bid to solve that problem, a larger focus in the Season 12 update will be adding these new items, as well as changes for several others.

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There will be two new Mythics, Riot revealed.

The first is a support item, designed for tanky engage characters that “want to get aggressive and charge into the middle of the fight”. When players immobilize an enemy, the new Mythic will boost all ally damage.

The second is a Mage-focused Mythic that hands out extra survivability via damage reduction and boosted ability haste, “rather than just pile on extra damage.”

Popular pro-play power pick Syndra is one of the mages set for nerfs in League of Legends Patch 10.11Riot Games
League of Legends mages will be given another new toy in Season 12.

On top of these new Mythics, several Legendary items will also be coming under the Riot balance team’s microscopes heading into the new 2022 season.

Mages, assassins, and tanks will all be getting specific Legendary weapons to buff their already bloated pools. These will include an item that refunds Ultimate cooldown after kills and assists, a health-boosting tank item that transfers mana into shields, and a shield-breaking magic-pen item.

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Here’s Riot’s descriptions of all three items:

  • Assassins ⁠— Gives ability haste, refunds Ultimate cooldown
  • Tanks ⁠— Grants bonus health via mana, burns it to create shields
  • Mages ⁠— Magic penetration against shielded enemies

These new Legendaries fall under Riot’s new item philosophy, where they’re “happy for champions to build the same legendary item in every game.”

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The exciting new Mythic and legendary items are far from the only thing Riot Games is already cooking up for League of Legends Season 12 preseason too ⁠— dragons, runes, and new “Challenges” are all on the menu too.

On the elemental dragons front, League will be getting two new Drakes. The first is a Hextech dragon, which grants additional ability haste and attack speed. Its Dragon Soul will grant players a chain-slow. When activated, this new elemental map will be littered with teleporters.

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The second drake, Chemtech, will hand players extra damage based on their missing health and turn Summoner’s Rift into a smoky battlefield that can be used for cover in the jungle. The soul will create zombie-form champions.

The patches leading into 2022 will also include major changes to the Inspiration rune tree, and the addition of achievement-like LoL “challenges.”