LCS to celebrate Game of Thrones spin-off with House of the Dragon Rift update

Riot Games

Riot Games will usher in the upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off ‘House of the Dragon’ by giving the LCS cast an update featuring Targaryen imagery and more starting this weekend.

The new HBO series based on George R. R. Martin’s hit series is coming out on August 21st. Until then, NA’s biggest League of Legends broadcast will feature new elements and branding leading up to the big premiere.

Riot leagues around the world have tinkered with branding opportunities with local and even major sponsors. Now the LCS will take a similar approach to its new partnership with HBO that will even have some signage for the Rift.

These changes are set for Week 5 of the LCS on July 23 with even more Targaryen integration by the time the show finally debuts.

The LCS broadcast will get the Game of Thrones treatment to celebrate House of the Dragon’s release.

Riot announced the partnership on July 21 as LCS fans gear up for the last four weeks of the Summer Split regular season ahead of playoffs.

Upon its arrival, people should notice a few different aspects of the regular cast that have been altered with Game of Throne’s flying beasts in mind.

There will also be a “customized connection to each secured Dragon Soul,” which Riot boasts as the first of its kind in LCS history.

On the weekend of the House of the Dragon premier and the start of the LCS playoffs on August 20-21, banners with the Targaryen sigil will fly in the Rift’s mid lane.

GoT’s prequel will make use of League’s prominent elemental drakes to reign in the promotional campaign and the LCS broadcast should get some notable upgrades in that time.

Riot hopes to have a lot of eyes on the LCS in the coming weeks, as HBO ramps up to its big summer release for House of the Dragon.