LCS fans elated as QTCinderella returns to the broadcast

Declan Mclaughlin
QTCinderella LCS logo

The LCS has announced the return of QTCinderella to the broadcast for more creative skits and interviews with players. Fans seem exited about the content creator’s return.

The LCS has been more creative with its broadcast offerings this season as the crew has brought on more outside guests and crafted themes for match days. One of the first innovations for this season of the LCS was bringing on long-time fan of League of Legends esports, and the league in general, in content creator and Streamer Awards creator, QTCinderella.

Her appearance on the show early on in the LoL esports season was met with rave reviews from fans. Her cooking segment with FlyQuest jungler Mingyi ‘Spica’ Lu was a hit with the LCS audience as it blended her casual cooking streams with the LCS tone.

“My goal was to help bring personality out of players and I think I did that. We got a lil silly but wanted to try something different. Thank you for the support, hope to do it again someday,” she tweeted after her guest appearance.

QTCinderella to return to the LCS broadcast

That hope has now turned into reality as the LCS has announced her return to the broadcast for Week 6 of the season. QTCinderella will guest star on the broadcast on July 19 and fans seem elated for her return.

The replies are filled with multiple fans saying “W” or “Let’s Go!” to the news with an immediate outpouring of support for the popular broadcast guest.

Other fans relished the good luck she would bring to FlyQuest. During her last appearance on the first week of the LCS Spring Split, the team went 2-0. Considering FlyQuest are just barely hanging on to Playoffs contention, they’ll need some luck if they want to make it to Worlds.

The creator will also presumably also plug her Midsummer Night Concert on the broadcast as it is scheduled to start the next day in Los Angeles.