The Streamer Awards 2023 dominates Twitch again with 152% spike in viewership

QTCinderella and Valkyrae hosting The Streamer AwardsTwitch: QTCinderella

The Streamer Awards 2023 has once again dominated Twitch as it records a 152% increase in viewership, a new high for the award show. 

The 2023 edition of The Streamer Awards was much anticipated by fans, and the event delivered. With superstars from all over the streaming world gathering together to celebrate individual achievements, all thanks to the efforts of QTCinderella. 

We saw TenZ grab Gamer of the Year, and Kyedae grabbing Best Valorant Streamer, solidifying them as Valorant royalty. Jerma985 was also celebrated during the awards and was given the Legacy Award for his contributions to the industry. Kai Cenat, unsurprisingly, took home Streamer of the Year. 

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In the process of celebrating its icons the Streamer Awards 2023 also broke records. According to Stream Charts, it accumulated 580,159 viewers at its peak, with 426,670 viewers on average. Making it QTCinderella’s biggest stream to date.

And if we add other co-streamer’s numbers into it, the number grows to 1.31 million viewers total. 

Since the awards were being streamed on QTCinderella’s channel, it catapulted her to the top 10 most popular Twitch Channels based on peak viewership, her biggest stream to date. 

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The only other streaming event to beat it was Premios ESLAND 2023, another award event run by TheGrefg for the Spanish streaming community. That stream peaked at 1.75 million viewers, which is quite hard to beat. 

Despite it all, the 2023 iteration of The Streamer Awards should take solace knowing it smashed its own record from last year. Recording a 152% increase in peak viewers, in comparison to the 380,000 peak viewers. 

QTCinderella also broke personal records with the stream, as she gained a eye watering 55,000 followers during The Streamer Awards. She even spent a jaw dropping $900,000 on this year’s event, in comparison to the $200,000 she spent on last years, as she revealed on Maya Higa’s Ban Appeals live stream. 

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