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Jankos vows to cut down Twitch streaming after G2 suffer shock LEC defeat

Published: 4/Apr/2021 17:58

by Luke Edwards


G2 Esports jungler Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski has explained that he will be taking a step back from streaming, as he aims to fix G2’s leadership issues after their shock 3-1 LEC playoffs defeat to MAD Lions.

G2 Esports have probably the most talented roster western League of Legends has ever seen. Despite losing captain Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic to Cloud9 over the summer, they sourced a viable replacement in veteran ADC Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson and finished top of the LEC in the regular season.

However, while Perkz is styling on North American mids in LCS, G2 have recently had some issues bubble to the surface. A dismal 3-1 loss to MAD Lions exposed potential complacency in the team in a performance defined by bad drafting and individual errors.


G2 only have a week to fix their mistakes and book a ticket to the finals, where they would rematch MAD Lions for the LEC title and a place at MSI 2021.

Vowing to fix G2’s issues, Jankos explained on Twitch that he would cut down on streaming to perform a greater leadership role within his team.

“I will probably not stream this week because I want to focus on gameplay and I want to talk to my team more because I feel like I need to,” he said.

“I feel like someone has to take the lead and no one’s really doing it, so I’ll do it.”


Jankos then explained G2’s four-point plan to ensure success ahead of April 10’s lower bracket showdown with either Rogue or Schalke 04.

“We all agreed we should try to play better, that’s the first step,” he added. “We also agreed we need to think about how we pick drafts and how we prioritize champions.”

The third step involves solving leadership problems, which Jankos is taking responsibility for. And the fourth step? “The fourth step is not to be bad,” he laughed. “That step could be the most difficult one, because we are pretty bad right now.”

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Jankos has been G2’s starting jungler since 2018.

Despite their blip against MAD Lions, G2 absolutely dominated the regular season in typical fashion, and it’s widely expected that they will still go all the way and claim their ninth LEC title.


“I’m not worried at all,” Jankos added. “I don’t know how we looked on stage, but I’m not worried at all. I don’t give a f*** that we lost, I really don’t.”

You can track G2’s progress from the very start of the LEC spring split via our dedicated hub.