Rekkles finally announces G2 ADC move

Lauren Bergin
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After a career that has seen Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson become the face of Fnatic, he has chosen to sign with European rivals G2 Esports to replace Perkz in the bot lane. 

When Rekkles announced that he would be leaving Fnatic the League of Legends world went wild.

Rekkles’ departure from the team that he has become the face of came as a shock to many who, although admitted that Fnatic hadn’t had the best year ever, never expected for the star bot laner to jump ship.

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However, on numerous occasions, Rekkles has expressed that his main goal in the professional sphere is to win the League of Legends World Championship, and he’s realized he can’t do that with Fnatic in its current state.

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Rekkles will rejoin his former teammate Caps on the G2 Roster

It’s official: Rekkles has signed to G2

While the departure of Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković from the G2 lineup caused many fans to question G2’s competitive future, this signing has lit a fire within both G2 and general LEC fans.

This fire has only been amplified with G2’s hype video for the announcement:

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Rekkles has always been a star performer, and his consistency and carry performances have marked him as one of League of Legends’ most iconic players. To have him join a roster that is already incredibly competitive is both the perfect move for him and for LEC fans.

A G2 roster featuring Rekkles will be unstoppable, and this announcement breathes new life into the future of competitive European LoL. While Rekkles’ last moves to Alliance/Elements weren’t his most successful ones, this move has a very different feel.

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We can’t wait to see how G2 performs with Rekkles, and we know that he’s going to keep fighting until he achieves that goal of being a world champion.

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