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Game-breaking League of Legends bug turns Seraphine’s ultimate invisible

Published: 1/Nov/2020 3:12

by Bill Cooney


Seraphine might be the newest champion in League of Legends, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t come with a few bugs of her own, including one that apparently makes her ultimate invisible.

The newest member of K/DA finally arrived with League Patch 10.22 on October 28, and it didn’t take long at all for players to discover a serious bug that can happen when using her ultimate.

Her Encore ultimate sends out a wave that damages enemies in a straight line ahead of the champion, but a glitch is causing the damage to travel separate from the animations, which can make things very confusing.


As you can see in the clip above when Seraphine uses Flash along with her ultimate, the animation doesn’t follow the same path as the damaging effect apparently does.

According to the user who discovered this bug, it only seems to happen when you’re using the summoner spell, but considering everyone takes Flash, that makes it fairly likely to pop up.

This is problematic for multiple reasons. It makes it very tough to try and dodge, since where the game is showing the damage will go isn’t actually where it is.

seraphine from league of legends
Riot Games
It didn’t take long at all for players to discover bugs for Seraphine.

Interestingly enough, another champion Ezreal’s R ability actually works in almost the same way, in that it always fires from the original cast location.


It’s a bit of a head-scratcher how Riot overlooked this glitch when they have another champion who works in almost the same way, but hopefully, that means it will be getting fixed quickly.

Until it does get patched, however long that ends up taking, we would suggest keeping an eye on Seraphine and trying to dodge her ultimate based on where she is, rather than where the ability animations appear if you happen to be the unlucky laner who has to go up against her.