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Riot reveals first look at newest LoL champion Sett’s abilities

Published: 8/Dec/2019 23:14

by Andrew Amos


Riot has revealed a first look at Sett, League of Legends‘ newest champion, and the juggernaut from Ionia looks ready to fight with his fists.

While the League of Legends community is still excited about the impending release of Aphelios, Riot isn’t slowing down in the champion release department. The LoL developers have revealed the first look at Sett, and the anticipation is only rising.

In emails sent to select League players, Riot has revealed the first look at all four of Sett’s abilities, and he looks ready to beat down some foes.

Riot GamesGet ready to throw, or catch, Sett’s hands in League of Legends.

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All four emails make reference to one of Sett’s abilities and how they might look in-game. His Q has the slogan “Fist, Meet Face,” with an image of Garen getting punched in the face. His W says “Catch These Hands,” with Sett knocking back Sion before looking to target Dr. Mundo.


His E, “Bust ‘Em Up,” show Sett smashing Darius and Lee Sin together, and looks to be relatively similar to Zac’s Stretching Strike. Finally, his ultimate is Sett arrogantly “putting on a show” as he looks to conquer Cho’Gath and bring down the Void creature.

All of the emails also contain the tagline “We know you like to fight. Get ready for a new contender,” and an image of Sett’s Calling Card near the bottom.

Riot GamesSett’s Q features a flinching Garen and the tagline “Fist, Meet Face.”

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The emails were sent out to players who have played a lot of Juggernauts, Bruisers, and top laners, with users on Reddit noting that friends of theirs who played the role received the email while they didn’t.


There’s no in-game screenshots or demos with a more in-depth look at his abilities, but this first look into Sett gives players an idea of how he will play out. He looks like a bruiser champion, with a very aggressive play-style and little defensive utility in his kit.

He also looks to be played out primarily in the top lane, with Riot showcasing the release of the champion alongside other popular juggernauts and top laners.

Riot GamesSett is moving from the depths of Ionia to Summoner’s Rift, with the champion’s release imminent.

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This is, however, the first solid information the League of Legends community has been given about Sett. Details about his arrival into Runeterra started appearing on November 28 with the addition of a loot item called Sett’s Calling Card. He was also teased in the October Champion Roadmap as a “smokin’ hot new juggernaut” from Ionia.


There’s no word about when Sett will be released, or a more indepth look at how his abilities work in game, but his release seems imminent. After the release of Senna in early November, and Aphelios’ release coming up, Sett might not be too far down the line.

Sett is expected to be released after Aphelios, the game’s newest marksman. Aphelios will hit live servers on December 10.