Epic League of Legends Jinx cosplay brings the manic loose cannon to life

Dustin Steiner

League of Legends’ Jinx has been one of the game’s most popular AD Carry champions since her debut, and now cosplayer ‘Evvils’ has brought her to life in all her manic glory. 

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, has long been known for her penchant to want to do nothing but blow things up, which has put her at odds with law enforcement across Runeterra. This cosplay from Evvils may not have the same penchant for destruction, but is undoubtedly has whipped LoL fans into a frenzy.

Evvils’ Jinx cosplay features a fully realized Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. While it’s non-functioning, it still looks like it could pack a wallop if swung. As with any good cosplay, it’s rounded out with matching contacts that perfectly capture the manic red-eyed gaze of Jinx.


Evvils has been making waves with her Jinx cosplay at MAGFest, where she recently thanked fans and fellow cosplayers alike for photoshoots with her.

“As much as I shit on this game, I have to admit, it helped me get through college, and I’ve made some valuable relationships because of it,” Evvils said of her cosplay to celebrate League10. “I started playing because I saw Jinx’s character design when she was announced and was instantly intrigued. Even if I don’t play as much anymore, the game will always have a special place in my heart!”


Jinx debuted in League alongside one of the first music videos for the game, “Come on Shoot Faster,” which kicked off a rich musical tradition at Riot for theme songs for various character releases. While not every character has received a fully animated video, several events and introductions have. It could be said this video was a predecessor for wildly successful hits like K/DA and True Damage.

Evvils has much more cosplay in her arsenal, including Hinata Hyuga from Naruto, various My Hero Academia characters, and many more, which she proudly shows off on her Instagram, working with various photographers at conventions.


Evvils is currently on the rise in the world of cosplaying, currently with a follower count of 13.4k on Instagram.