Hermione cosplay leaves Harry Potter fans spellbound to Gryffindor

Andy Williams
Warner Bros./alixxdarlina (Instagram)

This Harry Potter cosplay looks fresh out of the grounds of Hogwarts as Alix Darlina rivals Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger on Instagram – complete with wand and the iconic Gryffindor robes, just as J.K. Rowling imagined.

Harry Potter is arguably the most iconic fictional movie series of our time. Taken from the mind of J.K Rowling, the eight-part movie series brought everything that fans know and love about the books to the big screen. 

The film series alone has grossed almost $8 billion, which has rendered characters such as Harry, Ron and Hermione icons of a generation. It’s for this reason why cosplayers far and wide attempt to bring them to life with their amazing recreations. 

Warner Bros.The famous trio have left behind a legacy that will resonate with fans for a lifetime.

Hermione’s story of Muggle descent is one that an entire generation could connect. Emma Watson brought a relatable character to the big screen and her portrayal provided the perfect role model for girls everywhere.  

Heck, the savvy book-worm even inspired a young girl from her early school years right the way through to graduating from Cambridge with her degree. 

Given Miss Granger’s popularity, Alix Darlina has fashioned the perfect Hermione cosplay which seems to tick all of the boxes. 


Complete with her wand and Gryffindor robes, Darlina’s recreation takes us back to the days of the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets, where Granger sported the bushy, full fringe. 

Indeed, the cosplayer’s Hermione outfit appears to be a staple of her Instagram page, appearing in multiple videos and posts. In her first two posts, Darlina posed as the Muggle-born wizard with both wand and book in-hand. 

alixxdarlina (Instagram)Wand and book in-hand, this is as authentic as it gets.

The self-proclaimed ‘Siberian Hermione’ is as authentic as they come and Darlina has really hit the nail on the head with her take… Perhaps only a shot of a library in the background while uttering the iconic words “it’s levi-O-sa, not levi-o-SA” could bolster her act.

Her creative efforts don’t stop there, since Darlina’s Instagram profile showcases an array of incredible makeup posts on her page, too.

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