Fire Force cosplayer sets the world ablaze as Tamaki Kotatsu

Brent Koepp
Instagram: @pockythief / David Production

A talented cosplayer shared her incredible take on Fire Force’s Tamaki Kotatsu, bringing the Company 8 firefighter to life with a scorching outfit.

Fire Force is one of the breakout animes of 2019 next to Demon Slayer as its story about a superhuman firefighting squad who take on supernatural entities called ‘infernals’ has made for compelling entertainment.

A popular cosplayer brought to life one of the members of Company 8, Tamaki Kotatsu, and transformed into the heroine with a true-to-life costume that will have fans seeing double.

Funimation The popular character is able to ignite fire with her power.

Fire Force cosplayer becomes Tamaki

The series revolves around the fire fighting Company 8 – a group of flame users who are tasked with tackling the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomena which is turning humans into demon-like entities known as infernals.

Cosplayer Alex ‘pockythief‘ shared her incredibly accurate portrayal of Tamaki on social media, recreating her signature black and blue firefighter uniform.

The popular heroine has striking golden eyes and long black hair in twin ponytails, which the talented artist captured with her faithful outfit that brings the character to life.

In the series, it’s revealed that Tamaki is a Third Generation survivor of spontaneous combustion, and as a result, has adapted to it and learned to control her powers.

Pocky showed off more of her cosplay on Instagram, giving us a glimpse at the intricate detail that went into creating the outfit from the show, from the silver reflective tape on her arms to her gloves.

The talented artist emulated the anime character to perfection, as in the series the firefighter wears her jacket open, exposing her skin, while also wearing a brace around her neck for protection.

Fire Force originally debuted as a manga back in 2015, although it exploded in popularity and found worldwide success last year with its anime adaptation by David Production.

The breakout series can currently be watched on Funimation or Crunchyroll, as the entire first season consisting of 24 episodes has finished airing.

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