Coven Zyra Prestige skin splash art & in-game model for League revealed

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

League of Legends’ next Prestige skin, Coven Zyra, is about to hit the Rift just a few days after Dark Star Malphite made its entrance on Patch 10.6. Here’s a first look at her model, splash art, and how you’ll be able to get the skin.

After over three years without a skin, Zyra has managed to graduate from the 1000-day club in style. The Rise of the Thorns will be receiving a Prestige skin in Patch 10.8, in the Coven cosmetic line.

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Riot revealed a first look at both Coven Zyra’s default version, and its Prestige edition on March 31. It comes just days after Dark Star Malphite joined the line-up of champions blessed with the white-and-gold variants.

Coven Zyra Prestige Edition splash art for League of LegendsRiot Games
Coven Zyra is the fourth Prestige skin of 2020.

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The base Coven skin has a distinctly dark feel. Her saplings are ominous skulls, sprouting into terrifying plants. The dark-blue color scheme is a far cry from the natural greens and reds in her base skin.

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Her Prestige skin is almost a polar opposite to the default Coven skin. The blues have been traded in for glistening white-and-gold tones, transforming her animations from ghastly to elegant.

Her ‘skull’ saplings now have a gold sheen, like every other animation in the Prestige kit. It’s a lot less intimidating to look at, but don’t get lulled into a false sense of security, because Zyra is still just as deadly.

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If you want to get the Coven Zyra Prestige skin for yourself, you’ll have to grind. It’ll set you back 100 prestige tokens, which you can accrue across the season.

With the Galaxies 2020 event live, now is the perfect time to put hours in to get tokens. While you won’t be able to buy it from the shop outright like Dark Star Malphite Prestige, you can buy 100 prestige tokens for 2200 Galaxies tokens.

You don’t have to purchase it during the Galaxies event though. The skin won’t be time-restricted as it isn’t tied to any event, so you’ll have until early 2021 to buy it.

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However, if Zyra’s skin isn’t for you, then don’t stress, there’s more Prestige skins arriving in the coming months. Zoe and Lucian are getting Prestige skins before July, although after that, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be getting one.

Morgana and LeBlanc are also receiving Coven skins alongside Zyra. The default Coven skins for Zyra and LeBlanc will set players back 1350 RP. Morgana’s legendary will cost a bit more, with the price set at 1820 RP.

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There’s no set release date for Coven Zyra Prestige Edition, as well as the default skins for Morgana and LeBlanc. However, players should expect the skins to come out with League Patch 10.8 on April 15.

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