Dark Star Malphite will be League of Legends’ next Prestige skin

Dark Star Malphite in League of LegendsRiot Games

Dark Star Malphite has been confirmed as Season 10’s third Prestige skin for League, after the new cosmetic for the rock in the top was added to the PBE in the Patch 10.6 update.

Forget the K/DA girls ⁠— we’ve got a rock to polish up for a Prestige skin. Dark Star Malphite is on its way in League’s Patch 10.6, and it’ll come in white and gold as the rock in the top will be getting his first Prestige skin.

Malphite’s latest skin was confirmed to be the next skin in line for Prestige by QA Lead Katey Anthony on March 3, and it’s set to be pretty different from some of the previous ones.

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Dark Star Malphite turns the tank into an asteroid from space, hollowing out his mountainous figure to fit in a black hole, similar to other skins in the skin line. It also follows the same colour scheme of purple, neon pink, and orange which features in other skins in the line.

His Q, Seismic Shard, sends out a black hole to enemies, adding a bit more visual effect to sucking the movement speed out of your opponents. He also pulls two planets out of the ground during his recall animation, absorbing them into his ever-growing void.

His Prestige version puts a golden hue onto everything, and adds a few extra details in some of his animations. The planets he pulls out of the ground during his recall animation are more detailed, while most of his abilities shine brighter than the night sky with more particle effects added too.

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Mecha Kingdoms Garen and True Damage Senna were the first receivers of Prestige skins in Season 10. Garen’s was a part of the Mecha Kingdoms event, while True Damage Senna was an encore after the original was released with her Season 9 hit, Giants, with the hip-hop group.

Three more Prestige skins are expected before the end of the first half of Season 10. According to Riot’s schedule, Lucian, Zyra, and Zoe are all expected to receive Prestige skins before July.

Zyra and Zoe’s skin are both in the client with placeholder cards under the Prestige loot tab, but it’s not known what skin line they’ll be a part of.

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True Damage Senna Prestige skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
True Damage Senna is one of six Prestige skins being released in the first half of 2020.

Dark Star Malphite, and its prestige version, is expected to be released on League of Legends Patch 10.6, which will be dropping on March 18.

Alongside Malphite, Xerath and Mordekaiser also got skins in the Dark Star line, while Lux received a duo of Cosmic and Dark Cosmic skins ready for Patch 10.6. Taric, Twitch, and Talon will also be getting dressed up in a new RPG-themed skin line.

We will update you when the Dark Star Malphite Prestige version is revealed.