League of Legends leaks reveal first look at rumored champion Aidyn

Riot Games

A couple of leaks have been dropped in relation to an upcoming champion in League of Legends named Aidyn, but don’t expect to see him hitting the Rift anytime soon.

Very rarely do League players get leaks out of Riot for anything. However, it seems like someone has some insider intel on one of the game’s upcoming champions.

A champion, rumored to be named Aidyn, has been revealed in the past week on Reddit. While he won’t be hitting the Rift for a while, but players now have an idea on what he will look and sound like.

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Ashe standing on hill looking over FreljordRiot Games
Aidyn, one of League’s upcoming champions, is rumored to be from Freljord.

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‘RiotLeaks’ first shared a look at “The Guide” on March 27 with a teaser of Aidyn’s voice lines. With a deep voice similar to Braum’s, it’s assumed that Aidyn will herald from Freljord.

However, his voice lines are distinctly more dark than the fan-favorite support. Aidyn talks about the “spoils” and “remnants of war,” and roaming across the bitterly cold landscapes of Northern Runeterra.

These voice lines are labeled as a test, so they might not ship in the final product. They were, however, a good look into what kind of champion Aidyn could become, with lines more aligned with a top lane juggernaut than a cutesy mid laner.

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Then, on March 30, RiotLeaks gave players a glimpse at what Aidyn could look like with some early concept art. It’s a bit hard to decipher the rough sketches, but players do know that the guide does use some sort of pickaxe as his weapon.

The sketches also confirmed Aidyn’s identity as a Freljordian, clearly labeled at the top of both concept arts. His design looks like it could be rather terrifying, similar to Urgot’s in a sense, but rugged up to survive the winter.

It’s rare to get any leak for an upcoming League release, so for a champion to be revealed this early is quite the surprise.

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Aidyn will likely be released as Champion 151, with a couple more champions before him according to October 2019’s roadmap. After the Volibear rework comes out in April or May, there’ll be two new champions released during a “summer event.”

Players can expect a new jungler “to fawn over” and a masked solo laner to arrive come June and July. Aidyn might slot in after those two, as a Freljordian champion doesn’t really fit the Summer event theme.

We will let you know more about Aidyn as more information is released.