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LoL Galaxies 2020 event guide: pass, skins, missions, rewards

Published: 27/Mar/2020 0:51

by Andrew Amos


The League of Legends Galaxies 2020 event kicked off on March 26, and there’s plenty of skins, missions, and rewards on offer.

Galaxies 2020 marks the return of faction-based events in League, the first in quite some time. After Mecha Kingdoms wrapped up in February, players have been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest event.

If you consider yourself an avid League player, you’ll want to take advantage of this event. From rank-grinders to normal game chillers, just getting time in to play will rake in plenty of rewards for you.

If you want to know what you can get your hands on ⁠— from skins and prizes to missions and passes ⁠— be sure to check out our Galaxies 2020 guide below.

What’s included in the Galaxies 2020 event pass?

The Galaxies Pass can be bought in two different ways for the Galaxies 2020 event. You can buy the pass for 1650 RP to get access to all the extra goodies, or you can drop 2650 RP to get Dark Star Malphite on top of the pass ⁠— a saving of 350 RP.

Buying the pass is almost certainly worth it, especially if you see yourself playing League for most of the event. You’ll get 200 tokens right off the bat, and four Galaxies 2020 orbs packed with skin shards, as well as access to new missions to help you grind out more tokens.

Pass holders will have an additional 20 milestone missions granting 25 Prestige Points, as well as Masterwork Chests, Gemstones, event exclusives and more.

Riot Games
The pass is worth it if you see yourself playing League throughout the event.

What skins are available in the Galaxies 2020 event?

The Galaxies 2020 event has added five new skins that fit the outer-space theme. Malphite, Mordekaiser, and Xerath join the popular Dark Star skin line, while Lux received two variant skins in Cosmic and Dark Cosmic respectively.

The event itself is based around choosing a faction ⁠— Duty for Cosmic Lux, Ambition for Dark Cosmic Lux ⁠— with the victorious alliance receiving an upgrade to their specific skin after the event ends. You’ll have to own the skin to get the special border effects though.

Dark Cosmic Lux splash art for League of Legends
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Want to support Dark Cosmic Lux in the event? Join the Ambition faction.

Dark Star Malphite also has a Prestige skin available during the event. The rock in the top is the third champion to receive the popular white-and-gold variant edition this year, after Mecha Kingdoms Garen and True Damage Senna were released at the start of Season 10.

Riot Games
Dark Star Malphite is League’s third Prestige skin in 2020.

Outside of the Cosmic and Dark Star skin lines, a new set of Rift Quest RPG-insprired skins have been released. Talon, Taric, and Twitch join the fray as the trio look to chart across Runeterra in search of glory.

What are the missions for the Galaxies 2020 event?

Everyone can participate in Galaxies 2020 missions, regardless of whether you buy the pass or not. However, more missions will be available if you buy the pass, including milestone missions and Wins of the Week.

You have to complete each set of missions before unlocking the next lot, and missions will vary depending on whether you chose the Duty or Ambition faction.

Here’s a list of all currently available missions for the Galaxies 2020 event.

Faction Mission Objective Reward
Both Galaxies 2020 Intro Play 30 games 60 event tokens, Galaxies 2020 orb
Both Conflux of Stars Win a game, or play three games 12 event tokens

We will update this list once more missions are released.

Riot Games
Be sure to choose a faction in your Missions tab to start earning rewards.

What rewards are on offer for the Galaxies 2020 event?

With all those tokens you earn from the missions, you’ll have a wide array of goodies to spend it on.

A special Galaxies 2020 in-game event shop has opened up for the next couple of months, where you can put your hard-earned tokens to good use.

The Dark Star Malphite Prestige skin is on offer, as well as Little Legends eggs, Chromas, loading screen borders, and more. You can see the full shop below.

Item Cost
100 Prestige Points + Icon 2200 tokens
Dark Star Malphite Prestige Edition 2000 tokens
Little Legends Series 1 Egg 600 tokens
Little Legends Series 2 Egg 600 tokens
Little Legends Series 3 Egg 600 tokens
Little Legends Series 4 Egg 600 tokens
Little Legends Series 5 Egg 600 tokens
Little Legends Series 1-5 Egg 400 tokens
Dark Star Jarvan IV Chroma + Icon 300 tokens
Dark Star Mordekaiser Chroma + Icon 300 tokens
Dark Star Orianna Chroma + Icon 300 tokens
Dark Star Thresh Chroma + Icon 300 tokens
Dark Star Varus Chroma + Icon 300 tokens
Dark Star Xerath Chroma + Icon 300 tokens
Dark Star Malphite Chroma + Icon 300 tokens
Dark Star Malphite Border + Icon 250 tokens
Dark Star Mordekaiser Border + Icon 250 tokens
Dark Star Xerath Border + Icon 250 tokens
3 Keys 180 tokens
1 Key 60 tokens
Cosmic Icon 50 tokens
Random Champion Shard  50 tokens
Mystery Emote 40 tokens
1 Key Fragment 20 tokens
100 Blue Essence 10 tokens
10 Blue Essence 1 token

When will the Galaxies 2020 event end?

Galaxies 2020 will wrap up on April 27, so you’ll have about a month to complete all the missions in the pass. You have an additional couple of weeks, until May 12, to spend all of your tokens in the in-game shop.

After May 12, your event tokens will expire, and the in-game shop will close.

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Caps passing Perkz as greatest western LoL player – Amazing & Munchables

Published: 23/Oct/2020 14:37

by Daniel Cleary


With the topic of the “greatest Western League of Legends player of all time” heating up once again, Maurice ‘Amazing’ Stückenschneider and Joseph ‘Munchables’ Fenny have explained why G2 Esports star Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther could be taking the number one spot over teammate Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic, in Dexerto’s recent Worlds 2020 review.

As Worlds 2020 is coming closer to declaring a new set of champions, one of the biggest talking points in the League of Legends community has been the overall performance of Western teams at the international event and the individual players who contribute to them.

After G2 Esports defeated Gen.G in the quarter-finals and cemented themselves as “the last Western hope” following Fnatic’s narrow defeat to Top Esports, it raised the question of who exactly is the best Western player of all time.

Speaking on the matter in our Worlds review, Amazing highlighted that Perkz being around for longer has let him build up a more impressive resume than his teammate, “Caps has the highest highs I would suppose and Perkz has the better career so far, because he has done more in his career so far.”

Is Caps better than Perkz?

Munchables followed up by adding that the success Caps has seen in such a short span of time can not go unnoticed when discussing the pair, making it even more difficult to rank who is truly the best player of all time.

“I honestly think the problem is Caps is too good,” he explained. “The amount of time he has been in the scene, versus the amount of time he has been successful, is such a one-sided ratio on the side of success.”

Munchables also claimed that Caps might have had a greater impact on the region as a whole, comparing the success of Europe internationally before and after his time on teams like G2 and Fnatic, who have both made appearances in the Worlds final with him on the roster.

“European success versus, before Caps and with Caps is so dramatically skewed to Caps being a part of that,” Munchables explained. “At this point, I find it almost unarguable that Caps is the best Western player of all time.”

Amazing later added that Perkz had paved the way for Caps to be the best in the west, after years of putting together a roster that is now helping the mid laner to shine on the biggest stage. “He’s granted Caps the ability to understand what winning really means.”

Only time will tell how each of these remarkable players will fare throughout the rest of their careers as there will be plenty of opportunities to sway public opinion. But for now, it will likely remain up for debate as the two G2 stars continue to perform on the Rift.