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Bizarre League of Legends bug lets Fiddlesticks walk through walls

Published: 2/Dec/2019 9:39

by Joe O'Brien


A bizarre League of Legends bug appears to allow Fiddlesticks to walk straight through walls.

While pursuing an enemy champion, a League of Legends player encountered a strange bug that allowed Fiddlesticks to ignore the obstacle presented by a wall and walk straight through it.

The Fiddlesticks and a Tristana are chasing down the enemy Yuumi in the bot lane when she retreats into the river and flashes over the wall in order to escape. Rather than being forced to run around the wall, however, Fiddlesticks simply chased through it in a clip captured by Reddit user Vandirilol.

Riot Games
Riot Games
Fiddlesticks will soon be getting a new VGU.

While there are League of Legends champions with the ability to walk through walls, Fiddlesticks is not one of them – at least not yet, although Riot haven’t yet revealed his full new ability set coming when his ongoing Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU) is complete.


Fiddlesticks walks through the wall. Literally. from r/leagueoflegends

The bug appears to be a result of the target Yuumi being suddenly relocated due to Flash and the Fiddlesticks simply following the most direct path to get back into range for another auto-attack, ignoring the obstacle that the wall should present.

Some players have attempted to recreate the issue, although the closest attempt by Jóhann Brynjarsson sees Fiddlesticks walk part way into the wall before ultimately coming back out and going around it as he should.

Given that the bug doesn’t appear to be easily reproducible, it does seem that it should at least be effectively impossible for players to deliberately use it as an exploit.


While the lack of reproducibility does make it likely that the issue will be harder for Riot Games to fix, it’s also possible that the upcoming VGU for the champion – which is due alongside a Volibear VGU in early 2020, although seemingly not until after yet another new champion is released – will itself correct the problem.