Bel’Veth’s ban rate nears League of Legends records despite early nerfs

Bel'veth in League of Legends cinematicRiot Games

Bel’Veth’s Lavender Sea is spreading across League of Legends, and it’s got players worried. The Void jungler’s ban rate is nearing game records — creeping above two-thirds at all ranks as players refuse to let her through the draft despite nerfs.

Bel’Veth might have had a slow start in League of Legends with some being puzzled over nerfs — but it seems like she was stronger than even Riot intended.

Despite having received nerfs to her early game damage in LoL patch 12.12b, her ban rate is soaring to unhealthy and near-unprecedented heights as players refuse to let her through draft.

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As of LoL patch 12.12, Bel’Veth has a ban rate of 64.3% across all ranks according to LoLalytics. This increases as you go up in ranks, peaking at nearly 70% in Platinum. It’s rare to see a champion edge above 50% ban rate — especially those who are particularly new.

Belveth splash art in League of LegendsRiot Games
Bel’Veth’s ban rate is nearing record levels in League of Legends.

Many have compared Bel’Veth to Master Yi early on in League’s lifecycle. In essence, she plays as a hyper carry with 1v9 potential. Bel’Veth’s steady DPS, mobility, and damage mitigation force her enemies to lock her down — it’s either that, or allow Bel’Veth to slap them around till death.

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But this isn’t the first time Riot released a champion in an overpowered state. One look at Zeri and her seven changes so far in Season 12 since her release tells that story — but not even she crossed the 50% barrier.

The only comparison is Aphelios, who notoriously boasted a ban rate of over 200% (you read that correctly) post his launch in Season 9 in Korea.

Withered Rose Zeri.Riot Games
Not even Zeri’s ban rate on release matches Bel’Veth’s.

Though she’s arguably a little difficult to master, and has a punishable early game, Bel’Veth snowballs the game after her first core item: Kraken Slayer. Once she purchases this item, she just scales into oblivion.

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Recent meta changes has drawn games out too, thereby allowing a slow-starting champion like Bel’Veth to flourish.

However, she hasn’t quite reached the record-breaking ban rates League has seen in the past like Aphelios’ 200%. Kassadin in Season 5 (95% ban rate) and Skarner (90% in the same year) also have her beat.

Kassadin is getting his very own Hextech skin in LoL patch 10.21.Riot Games
Kassadin is one of only a few champions to have Bel’Veth’s current ban rate beat in League of Legends.

There may be other reasons behind a champion ban in League of Legends. Perhaps players hate having an unskilled Bel’Veth on their team. A similar instance often occurs with Yuumi.

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The current ban rate, combined with her relatively high 53% win rate too, demonstrates the player base’s belief in how broken Bel’Veth is — so expect more nerfs down the line in LoL patch 12.13 and beyond.