League of Legends patch 12.12b notes: Katarina & Shaco buffs, Bel’Veth nerfed again

Riot Games

League of Legends patch 12.12b is ready to roll out: Riot are reverting some big changes from the previous update to Katarina and Shaco, and pushing ahead with further nerfs to nuisances like Bel’Veth and Zeri. Here’s the full patch notes.

With the holiday break approaching, Riot are getting in with some changes to tide over League of Legends players in LoL patch 12.12b.

The developers are focusing their attention primarily on the bot lane with more than 70% of the changes affecting champions who predominantly reside on the south side of Summoner’s Rift. This includes toning back pro meta staples, and giving some power to fringe picks affected by the durability update.

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New release Bel’Veth is also back in the headlines, and Katarina and Shaco are the big winners following their nerfs just a week ago.

Catch up on all the LoL patch 12.12b notes below.

Project Senna in LoLRiot Games
League’s bot lane meta is being targeted in LoL patch 12.12b.

When is LoL patch 12.12b?

League of Legends patch 12.12b is going live on Thursday, June 30, 2022. This is off-tempo from the regular release schedule, with Riot getting a quick hotfix update out before the Summer holiday break.

There will be no global rollout: it will go live in all regions at the same time ⁠— typically in the U.S. afternoon.

The regular patch schedule will resume in mid-July with LoL patch 12.13 set to go live on July 13, 2022.

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Battle Queen KatarinaRiot Games
Riot are reverting some of their changes to Katarina in LoL patch 12.12b after her win rate plummeted.

What’s changing in LoL patch 12.12b?

Katarina and Shaco buffed after item changes hit hard

While Katarina and Shaco weren’t too prevalent in the League of Legends meta, their LoL patch 12.12 changes nuked them from relevancy. Riot tried to push the two champions towards more healthy builds, and it backfired completely.

The developers are backtracking slightly to give each champion a bit more of a fighting chance. Katarina’s scaling is being improved ⁠— both with AD and AP ⁠— across basically all of her abilities. Shaco is receiving similar treatment, although with more emphasis on AD.

It’s not a total revert of the update both champions received in the previous update, but it will at least make them not totally unplayable.

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Bel'Veth splash art in League of LegendsRiot Games
Riot and nerfing champions right after release: name a more iconic duo.

Bel’Veth nerfed again as win rate creeps towards 55%

Players are slowly getting the hang of new Void jungler Bel’Veth, and the Lavender Sea is starting to take over Summoner’s Rift. While she struggled in high elo on launch, she now boasts a near 55% win rate across all ranks ⁠— enough for Riot to ship more nerfs.

Her scaling is the main target with nerfs to her attack damage and health growth, lifesteal off of her E, and bonus AD scaling on her ultimate. Her E cooldown is also being upped in the late-game.

These changes should help bring her down to around 50% win rate, which is Riot’s ultimate goal. Wukong is the other jungler facing nerfs in the update with his E doing less damage to monsters and his ultimate cooldown being increased early.

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art for Zeri in League of LegendsRiot Games
Zeri is getting her seventh set of nerfs in LoL patch 12.12b.

Plenty of bot lane changes: Senna, Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Zeri, more

As the League of Legends bot lane meta has evolved with the durability update, plenty of top picks are being nerfed to bring some more diversity into the role.

Popular bot lane duo Senna and Tahm Kench are being nerfed. Senna will have a bit more damage on her Q later on but traded off with less utility from W. Tahm Kench will also be slightly less oppressive in the late game with less bonus health damage from his passive.

Zeri’s movement speed is being cut again, Seraphine’s scaling is being reined back in, and Yuumi will no longer get bonus range on her passive auto attack to collect the shield.

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On the flipside two champions are being buffed: Caitlyn and Leona. Caitlyn’s bonus damage on passive is being increased with lower damage on W to compensate ⁠— which should be more reliable for the Piltovan sniper ⁠— while Leona’s passive damage is also being upped slightly.

league of legends lol arcane caitlyn skinRiot Games
Caitlyn is the only AD carry being buffed in LoL patch 12.12b.

You can find the full LoL patch 12.12b changes below. The update goes live on June 30, 2022.

LoL patch 12.12b notes



Base stats

  • Attack damage growth: 2 ⇒ 1.7
  • Health growth: 105 ⇒ 99

E: Royal Maelstrom

  • Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14 seconds ⇒ 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 seconds
  • Lifesteal: 20/21.5/23/24.5/26% ⇒ 20%

R: Endless Banquet

  • Bonus health ratio: 165% bonus AD ⇒ 120% bonus AD


Passive: Headshot

  • Damage: 50-100% total AD ⇒ 60-110% total AD

W: Yordle Snap Trap

  • Bonus Headshot damage: 60-240 (+40-120% bonus AD) ⇒ 40-220 (+40-80% bonus AD)


Passive: Voracity

  • Dagger AP ratio: 55/66/77/88% ⇒ 65/75/85/95%

Q: Bouncing Blade

  • Damage: 75/105/135/165/195 (+30% AP) ⇒ 80/110/140/170/200 (+35% AP)

R: Death Lotus

  • AD ratio per Dagger: 16% (+16% per 70% bonus AS) ⇒ 18% (+18% per 60% bonus AS)
  • On-hit ratio: 28/33/38% ⇒ 30/35/40%


Passive: Sunlight

  • Damage: 25 + 7 per level ⇒ 32 + 8 per level


Base stats

  • Base health: 560 ⇒ 530

Q: Piercing Darkness

  • Base damage: 40/70/100/130/160 ⇒ 30/65/100/135/170

W: Last Embrace

  • Root duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds ⇒ 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds


Passive: Stage Presence

  • AP ratio: 6-9% ⇒ 7%

E: Beat Drop

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  • Crowd control duration: 1.5 seconds ⇒ 1.25 seconds


Passive: Backstab

  • AD ratio: 15% ⇒ 25%

Q: Deceive

  • AD ratio: 40% ⇒ 50%

W: Jack In The Box

  • Cooldown: 16 seconds ⇒ 15 seconds
  • Duration AP ratio: 5% ⇒ 10%

Tahm Kench

Base stats

  • Health growth: 109 ⇒ 103


  • Bonus magic damage ratio: 4% bonus health ⇒ 3% bonus health


E: Nimbus Strike

  • Bonus damage to monsters: 160% ⇒ 120%

R: Cyclone

  • Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds ⇒ 130/110/90 seconds


Passive: Bop ‘n’ Block

  • Bonus range: 50 ⇒ 0


R: Lightning Crash

  • Bonus movement speed per hit: 1% ⇒ 0.5%