Ultimate Bel’Veth guide: Best League of Legends runes, builds, more

Andrew Amos

Bel’Veth is the Empress of the Void in League of Legends with a kit to match. If you want to master the Void jungler, we’ve got her best runes, builds, and some tips and tricks so you can get some easy wins with Bel’Veth.

200 years of game design experience has really led League of Legends players to Bel’Veth. The Empress of the Void really lives up to her title, controlling creatures from the other dimension and corrupting Summoner’s Rift (including your ranked games).

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Bel’Veth is incredibly strong as a carry jungler with the potential to 1v9 games. As long as you play to scale, you can make miracles happen with her ⁠— but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover early either thanks to her insane mobility.

We’ve got the ultimate Bel’Veth guide right here, including her best runes, builds, and some tips and tricks to master the League of Legends jungler.


Who is Bel’Veth?

Bel’Veth is one of the most powerful creatures in the League of Legends universe. As the Empress of the Void, she has devoured entire cities as part of her quest to end Runeterra and create a monstrosity to her liking.

On Summoner’s Rift, Bel’Veth is made to be played in the jungle, scaling infinitely into the late game with her Void Remora as a scary 1v9 carry threat.

Bel’Veth abilities & gameplay

Bel’Veth has abilities to match her intense lore in League of Legends, ravaging the Rift of its resources and funneling it into her void creatures that do her bidding. We say that, but she’s not entirely useless herself ⁠— in fact rather the opposite.

Her entire kit revolves around getting into the thick of a fight and slapping enemies around. Her passive, Death in Lavender, gives her bonus attack speed after using abilities ⁠— which has a stacking effect intertwined based on monster and champion takedowns.

She can then dash into range with her Q, Void Surge, which has different cooldowns based on the directions you use it in akin to Urgot’s passive. Once on top of an enemy, she can knock them up with her W, Above and Below, and deal massive AOE damage with her E, Royal Maelstrom.

However it’s her ultimate, Endless Banquet, that’s the star of the show. Passively, Bel’Veth gains ramping true damage when attacking the same enemy, and can also get Void Coral on takedowns that spawn Void Remora ⁠— essentially minions that do her bidding instead.

Bel’Veth can consume a piece of that Void Coral to explode and evolve into her True Form, which allows for even more minion spawning and gives her a massive base stat boost. By the way, this ability can last for up to three minutes. Minutes is not a typo. You want to do everything in your power to shut Bel’Veth down if she’s in her True Form because with it, she’s a beast.

Playing out the early game is all about scaling with large monster takedowns in the jungle ⁠— maybe a gank here or there. Maxing your Q first gives you more mobility and damage, while maxing her E second makes her a bit tankier when she dives into the fray. W is just there for crowd control ⁠— no need to max it until late in the game.

As the game progresses, you’ll want to keep up your ultimate for as long as possible and just fight. Once you hit key item and level breakpoints (Levels 11, 13, and 16, for reference) you should look to capitalize on that by hunting down enemies. Set behind early? Keep scaling off of takedowns ⁠— you’ll eventually overtake the rest of the lobby.

You can find a full list of Bel’Veth’s abilities below:

  • Passive: Death in Lavender — Bel’Veth gains permanent attack speed stacks after taking down large minions and monsters and champions. She also gains temporary bonus attack speed after using an ability.
  • Q: Void Surge — Bel’Veth dashes in a chosen direction and damages all enemies she passes through.
  • W: Above and Below — Bel’Veth slams her tail to the ground, damaging, knocking up, and slowing her enemies.
  • E: Royal Maelstrom — Bel’Veth roots herself in place, channeling a storm of slashes around her that targets the lowest-health enemy and grants her lifesteal and damage reduction.
  • R: Endless Banquet — Bel’Veth consumes Void coral remnants, transforming into her true form and increasing her max health, attack range, attack speed, and out-of-combat move speed. Consuming the Void coral remnants of a Void epic monster will grant her a longer ultimate duration, as well as the power to summon Void remora.

Best build for Bel’Veth

Bel’Veth’s best build in League of Legends is all about on-hit items. Given the Void Empress can attack at lightning-fast speeds, anything that ups her damage per hit goes a long way.

This is why Kraken Slayer is such a high-priority Mythic item on her. There is no other option ⁠— not even Immortal Shieldbow for the sustain ⁠— as the damage you lose out on by buying anything else is immense. You need that three-hit passive and all the stats.

Beyond that though, you will need to diversify your items somewhat. Bel’Veth does thrive with on-hit items like Blade of the Ruined King, Wit’s End, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade. However, you need to live long enough to deal that damage which is why Death’s Dance is a very popular choice too.

If you are still lacking survivability, other defensive items like Guardian Angel, Titanic Hydra, or in niche cases Spirit Visage (for magic resist and sustain two-fold) can do the trick. Follow the basic Bel’Veth build below though and you’ll be set for most situations.

Top meta Bel’Veth items in Season 12

  • Mythic: Kraken Slayer
  • Boots: Plated Steelcaps (against AD) / Mercury Treads (against AP)
  • Starting Items: Emberknife + Refillable Potion
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Death’s Dance
  • Wit’s End
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade (if you need more damage)
  • Guardian Angel (if you need survivability)
  • Titanic Hydra (if you want a mix of both)
Bel'Veth side angle in league of legends cinematic
The Void Empress demands attack speed.

Best runes for Bel’Veth

If you thought the priority on attack speed stopped with items on Bel’Veth, just check out her best runes. Bel’Veth needs to maximize every bit of the stat she can get her hands on. Conqueror is great for this as a keystone rune as she can stack it up quickly and get the true damage going.

Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, and Last Stand are default great options for the rest of the Precision tree, but Coup De Grace can replace the last option if necessary.

As a jungler, you’ll probably want Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight as secondary options down the Inspiration tree, but Bone Plating and Unflinching in Resolve can also work if you are up against a team with plenty of crowd control.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering ⁠— take the attack speed shard. The other two can be whatever you need based on the enemy team comp.

Top meta Bel’Veth runes in Season 12

  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Last Stand / Coup De Grace
  • Magical Footwear
  • Cosmic Insight

Example Bel'Veth rune page in League of Legends

Bel’Veth skins in League of Legends

If you can master Bel’Veth in League of Legends, you can easily 1v9 all of your ranked games. She is the ultimate carry jungler and can put her team in a backpack as required.

While Riot tries to fine-tune her kit, there’s free LP to be had — so jump onto Summoner’s Rift as the Void Empress and see what all the fuss is about.