5 Legends of Runeterra cards that would make perfect League champions

Andrew Amos

Legends of Runeterra, the League of Legends-inspired card game, has opened players’ eyes to more parts of Runeterra. Of the 400+ cards in the card game, we reckon more than a few could become champions in the MOBA themselves.

Legends of Runeterra is already home to over a dozen League of Legends champions ⁠— from bitter rivals Garen and Darius, to more otherworldly beings like Maokai and Nautilus.

The League universe is incredibly diverse, and some of the side characters explored in Runeterra might be able to build on some of the storylines across games. We’ve already seen one jump over — Yasuo’s brother Yone was added to League of Legends mid-way through 2020.

However, which specific cards would make the best League champions? We’ve outlined the five we think should be added to the MOBA as soon as possible.

Cithria the Bold art for Legends of Runeterra
Cithria is a Legends of Runeterra fan favorite, and has appeared in many League of Legends lore pieces.

Cithria of Cloudfield & Cithria the Bold (Demacia)

Cithria is a character so deeply intertwined with League’s lore that is surprising she isn’t already a champion. She has two forms in Legends of Runeterra ⁠— the young girl eager to learn battle strategy as Cithria of Cloudfield, and the Demacian general known as Cithria the Bold.

Cithria the Bold is most definitely suited to being a champion in League of Legends, but that doesn’t mean her past should be discounted. Her loyalty to Demacia as a Dauntless Vanguard is admirable, having climbed through adversity to win over the likes of Garen and other generals.

It’s an open book as to how she could fit into League of Legends ability-wise. Her Runeterra cards aren’t anything special. However, ranged or melee, she could be a great addition to Summoner’s Rift. There’s a lot to her character, and it would only deepen the storylines Riot are trying to tell across Runeterra.

Vrynna art in Legends of Runeterra
Vrynna would help diversify the Freljordian cast in League of Legends.

Scarmother Vrynna (Freljord)

There’s a lot of Freljord representation in LoL, however, the Winter’s Claw is one of the less-loved factions. There are more Avarosan champions following Ashe around than characters flying under Sejuani’s more traditional alliance.

Vrynna is one of the side characters in the Winter’s Claw that could add another fierce rivalry onto Summoner’s Rift. She isn’t quiet about her outright disdain towards Avarosans, with her card flavor mentioning she “would die shivering in the cold before sharing a hearth with Ashe’s weaklings.”

Her Legends of Runeterra ability also lends to an interesting League champion design. If she survives a hit, she only gets stronger. It’s very similar to Olaf ⁠— a fellow member of the Winter’s Claw ⁠— and the duo would make a formidable force on Summoner’s Rift together if Vrynna followed the same path.

Kato art for Legends of Runeterra
Kato and Shiraza could work like either Nunu & Willump or Xayah and Rakan.

Kato the Arm & Shiraza the Blade (Noxus)

Nunu & Willump move aside, because there’s a new duo in town that could make a great champion in League of Legends. Noxian partners-in-crime Kato and Shiraza synergize perfectly in Runeterra, so the idea of the duo as one champion is too good to pass up.

It would be a crime to split them up if this became a reality. They share voice lines, and feature in each other’s splash arts in the card game.

If they were released as a duo champion, it’d be interesting to see how their dynamic worked in game. Maybe Kato could be the base, while Shiraza gets utilized in their abilities.

Alternatively, they could fit in like Xayah and Rakan ⁠— one being the support, while the other deals all the damage. This would fit in with their card descriptions, with Kato usually giving Shiraza the protection she needs to thrive in Runeterra. Either way, this is a quirky duo we’d love to see on Summoner’s Rift.

Corina Veraza in Legends of Runeterra
Corina would bring nature back into the City of Progress.

Corina Veraza (Piltover & Zaun)

Corina Veraza might align with Piltover & Zaun, but she’s hardly endearing to the tactics of the City of Progress. After all, Corina believes “the narrow-minded Piltovans know only gears and metal, and cannot appreciate the delicate art in every stem, every petal, every cell of my cultivair.”

This opens her up to be a rather interesting potential champion for League of Legends. While we have plenty of champions based in nature — looking towards Ionia and the Vastayans — and plenty from the City of Progress, there’s not really a hybrid between the two.

Her skill, Magnum Opus, says all there really is to what the depth of Corina’s kit could be. Either way, her entrance into League of Legends would be interesting.

Minah Swiftfoot in Legends of Runeterra
Minah would be a Lee Sin-esque champion in League of Legends.

Minah Swiftfoot (Ionia)

Finally, we’ve arrived at Ionia. Although Yone has been added to League of Legends, there’s still other candidates from the region. Leading them is Minah Swiftfoot.

The Ionian martial arts expert has stunned her tutors in Ionia, and struck fear into anyone who steps onto the spirited land. She’s confident in herself, and will do anything to defend her homeland — much like all of the Ionian champions.

However, out of the five we’ve listed, this is the least likely. Minah is the least tied to League lore. It doesn’t mean there’s no hope, but she’s unlikely to crossover any time soon.

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