4 Seraphine songs on Spotify every League fan needs to hear

Lauren Bergin

League of Legends’ new starry-eyed songstress has taken the world by storm in her collab with K/DA, but there are 4 songs on Spotify that you probably haven’t heard yet. 

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Seraphine has become somewhat of a virtual musical icon. Appearing first as a mysterious Twitter account before finally being announced as the newest support character to enter the rift, she has successfully rocked the world. However, she’s also made quite the name for herself on Spotify.

Her newest performance on K/DA’s new single ‘MORE’ was the world’s first glimpse of Seraphine in action alongside Akali, Ahri, Evelynn and Kai’Sa, and it’s safe to say she was pretty stunning.

What fans don’t know though, is that the character has been hard at work building herself a musical portfolio on Spotify.

KDA All Out Seraphine Indie in League of Legends
Seraphine has certainly been busy taking over the LoL universe, but she’s been building her musical portfolio too.

Seraphine songs you didn’t know existed

1. POP/STARS (cover of K/DA)

K/DA’s first ever track remains one of their most popular and has become iconic to many League of Legends fans.

What many don’t know is that before Seraphine had agreed to collab with K/DA she was covering the iconic track on Spotify and YouTube. Taking a more acoustic approach to the song, as well as singing the Korean parts in English, she has reworked the song beautifully to fit her own style.

2. Childhood Dreams

The second track in Seraphine’s musical repertoire is ‘Childhood Dreams’, a soft, slow song focusing on her childhood. The cover even features a photo of a younger version of the songstress clutching an oversized blue guitar.

Not only is the track horrendously catchy, it gives us a window into the depth of story writing that Riot Games have put into their newest character. It makes her human and relatable – and certainly more exciting to play.

3. All the Things she Said (cover of t.A.T.u)

t.A.T.u’s ‘All the Things she Said’ has become iconic in its own right, but this cover injects some life into the classic. With a bass drop that listeners can’t help but get down to, the cover is a successful blend of her soft style and a more K/DA style approach.

It makes sense that the collab was announced just after this song’s release – Seraphine was certainly dipping her toes in the K/DA waters with this one.

4. Made Me This Way

Another original track, ‘Made Me This Way’ drips Taylor Swift vibes, but there’s a subtle twist: much of the song is in Mandarin. Much of Seraphine’s contribution to ‘MORE’ was also in the same language, so Made Me This Way raises some questions as to the ethnicity of the woman behind the virtual superstar.

As the most recent track to drop, the future looks interesting. Seraphine has managed to blend so many different elements in this piece, and it’s going to be cool to see how she translates this into her K/DA career.

So jump on Spotify

All of these tracks are available under her artist profile on Spotify, so if you need some chill beats with a twist to get you through the day, Seraphine’s work is the one for you.