Tristan Tate slams “trash” Kick for platforming Island Boys

Virginia Glaze

Tristan Tate is lashing out at Kick for platforming rap duo ‘the Island Boys’ and their spicy content, calling the website “trash.”

Tristan Tate is the younger (and decidedly less bald) brother of controversial internet commentator Andrew Tate, often appearing with his sibling on joint broadcasts to share their tips for being a ‘Top G.’

Both brothers are known for getting into the occasional spat with other personalities and influencers, with the best example being their ongoing tiff with the Paul brothers over the last few years.

Now, Tristan Tate is taking aim at the Island Boys, as well as the website that platforms their content.

Andrew Tate with his brother, Tristan

Tristan Tate calls Kick “trash” for platforming the Island Boys

The Island Boys are a semi-prominent internet rap duo made up of twin brothers ‘FlyySoulja’ and ‘KodiakRedd.’ The two went viral for their song ‘I’m An Island Boy’ in 2022 and have maintained relevance not for their music, but for their head-scratching OnlyFans content.

The brothers have come under fire for their spicy pics and videos, with critics blasting the content as “incestuous” — but neither they, nor their own mother, seem to care what the haters think.

The Island Boys

Tristan Tate is the latest figure to lash out at the brothers, hitting out at both the rap duo and live streaming platform Kick for hosting their content.

“If a platform found two broke sisters and elevated them to ‘fame’ by having them make out with each other, it would be shut down,” he wrote in a post on Twitter/X. “Kick is trash.”

It seems that Tristan’s platform of choice is Rumble, which notably signed both Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed for a live show last year.

Kick has yet to respond to Tristan’s verbal barb, but he isn’t the only personality who’s got beef with the company. Other top creators like Pokimane, Jynxzi, and Moist Critikal have expressed concerns over the site’s connection to gambling platform Stake and the types of content that are allowed on the platform since its debut in 2023.