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Hyper Scape

Crazy Hyper Scape exploit already allows players to break the game

Published: 3/Jul/2020 21:28

by Bill Cooney


Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s new, fast-paced battle royale, and it didn’t take very long after release for players to discover the first major exploit that lets them climb to the top of the map and dominate from up high.

Hacks are abilities in Hyper Scape that can be found around the map and provide a variety of upgrades for players including additional armor, healing teammates, and building walls – which is what a newly-discovered exploit takes advantage of.

A character as a ball in Hyper Scape
One Hyper Scape hack lets you turn into a ball. TRON anyone?

Just a few hours after the game released, clips began popping up that showed how people have been able to use the wall hack to reach new heights (literally) on the map.

In the clip below, you can see how, by standing on top of the wall, players are able to slowly build their way up, then use the newfound spot to snipe down on helpless enemies, who probably can’t see where they’re being shot at from.


Managed to cheese the win by using walls and teleport from HYPERSCAPE

The above user used a combination of the teleport hack and the wall hack to float in the air, which is possible because the walls can be placed while in midair after you teleport yourself straight up.

Unless you have other players using the exact same hacks, there basically won’t be any way to enemies to effectively counter this, unless they can boast shroud-like aiming skills from the ground.

This exploit brings back memories of the Fortnite tower meta, and if Ubisoft doesn’t make a change, this “sky wall” strategy could very well become Hyper Scape’s first dominant meta. Luckily, there is a very easy fix that could prevent this.


We got on the top of the map with walls LMAO from HYPERSCAPE

All Ubisoft would have to do to discourage this cheesy exploit is to require a solid base of some kind for the wall to be built on, similar to how Mei’s Ice Wall works in Overwatch or Sage’s wall in Valorant.

Hopefully, developers do implement a quick fix for this egregious exploit, since shooting up at a player you can barely see in the sky while they’re basically shooting fish in a barrel doesn’t seem very fair.

Apex Legends

Funny Apex Legends easter egg found in Hyper Scape

Published: 10/Sep/2020 12:13

by Jacob Hale


Hawk-eyed Hyper Scape players have discovered a funny Apex Legends easter egg in Ubisoft’s latest entry to the battle royale genre, Hyperscape.

Hyperscape released on July 12, 2020, capitalizing on the booming battle royale market since the likes of Fortnite, Apex and Warzone took over the gaming world.


While it may not have yet reached the dizzying heights of the aforementioned games, players are still having a lot of fun with its unique take on the genre, notable for its integration with Twitch that allows viewers to affect the outcome of a match.

Hyper Scape players on roof
Hyper Scape has been somewhat of a success for Ubisoft.

Hyper Scape and Apex are somewhat similar in their futuristic gameplay and action, and although most players have picked a side by this point, Ubisoft has left a little message in the game to Apex players and a nod to their competition over at Respawn.


If you’re an Apex Legends player, you’ll know the incredibly frustrating call of “Mozambique here,” the game trolling you as it tries to convince you to take the Mozambique shotgun.

Obviously, the Mozambique is one of the least popular weapons in the game. It’s not very powerful and is just about the last weapon you want to have to carry after you land — and it looks like that’s something the Hyper Scape developers are well aware of.

While traversing Hyper Scape’s Neo Arcadia map, Redditor imBrettValentine found a little note perched on a desk with just two words written on it: “Mozambique here!”


Mozambique Here ! (Found in Hyperscape) from r/apexlegends

Obviously, there is no Mozambique shotgun in Hyper Scape, so is clearly a nod to its competitor — and is a pretty funny one at that.

For players who have made Hyper Scape their main game, this might have triggered some unwanted flashbacks, but it does raise the question of whether there are even more undiscovered easter eggs in the game.