All Hyper Scape hacks and how to use them
Hyper Scape

All hacks in Hyper Scape and how to use them

Published: 3/Jul/2020 9:55

by Connor Bennett


The Hyper Scape beta is well underway and with hacks being pretty centrally to how the battle royale is won and lost, here is everything you need to know about the different abilities.

After plenty of speculation, Ubisoft revealed their Hyper Scape battle royale to the world on July 2 as streamers started showing off gameplay and discussing their thoughts about the game. 


Even though the formula is pretty much the same – drop-in, find loot, rack up kills, and be the last team standing – there are some noticeable differences about Hyper Scape compared to say Apex Legends, Fortnite, or Call of Duty: Warzone.

The biggest, some might say, would be the hacks. These are abilities that are dotted around the map and can be picked up to give you an advantage over enemies or the chance to run away as you revive a teammate.

A character as a ball in Hyper Scape
One Hyper Scape ability lets you turn into a ball.

Every ability in Hyper Scape

Like weapons, to get these hacks, you simply have to run up to them and hit your interact button. Your echo will then grab it and add it to their inventory. 

As of the launch of the technical test, there are nine abilities ranging from invisibility to heal, turning yourself into a ball, and all the way to being able to build a wall. 

Each ability has a different set amount of time that they last for as well as a cooldown period. However, by upgrading your hacks throughout a game, you can make these abilities cool down quicker – meaning you can use them again sooner. 

  • Armor – Negate ALL damage while active, also you cannot shoot, ads or use any other ability while the Armor Hack is active.
  • Ball – Turn yourself into a bouncing ball. This can be broken by enemy attacks. 
  • Heal – Heal yourself and teammates in a set area
  • Invisibility – Set yourself to become invisible and sneak around the map. Shooting will break the invisibility and enemies do get an audio cue when activated.
  • Mine – Place a mine down and as enemies get within range, it will zero in on them and explode.
  • Reveal – Send out a ping of the nearby area. Any enemies spotted will be visible, though they will have a warning.
  • Slam – Jump up into the air and slam down with incredible force. Can also be used to stay high in the sky to shoot enemies.
  • Teleport – Aim for a different location and quickly teleport over there.
  • Wall – Build a wall in a set direction to provide cover. Can also be placed while in midair. 
The more allies you have in the Showdown, the more likely you’ll take the crown in Hyper Scape.

As of writing, the game is in technical test and Ubisoft will be fine-tuning things prior to launch. This means that cooldowns and the use length of abilities could very well change if they’re deemed a bit too strong. 

If you want to get in on the action, you just have to link your Ubisoft UPlay account to Twitch, and then watch a streamer who has drops enabled for at least 20 minutes. If you manage to get into the beta, be sure to let us know what you think about it on Twitter @HyperScapeIntel.

Apex Legends

Funny Apex Legends easter egg found in Hyper Scape

Published: 10/Sep/2020 12:13

by Jacob Hale


Hawk-eyed Hyper Scape players have discovered a funny Apex Legends easter egg in Ubisoft’s latest entry to the battle royale genre, Hyperscape.

Hyperscape released on July 12, 2020, capitalizing on the booming battle royale market since the likes of Fortnite, Apex and Warzone took over the gaming world.


While it may not have yet reached the dizzying heights of the aforementioned games, players are still having a lot of fun with its unique take on the genre, notable for its integration with Twitch that allows viewers to affect the outcome of a match.

Hyper Scape players on roof
Hyper Scape has been somewhat of a success for Ubisoft.

Hyper Scape and Apex are somewhat similar in their futuristic gameplay and action, and although most players have picked a side by this point, Ubisoft has left a little message in the game to Apex players and a nod to their competition over at Respawn.


If you’re an Apex Legends player, you’ll know the incredibly frustrating call of “Mozambique here,” the game trolling you as it tries to convince you to take the Mozambique shotgun.

Obviously, the Mozambique is one of the least popular weapons in the game. It’s not very powerful and is just about the last weapon you want to have to carry after you land — and it looks like that’s something the Hyper Scape developers are well aware of.

While traversing Hyper Scape’s Neo Arcadia map, Redditor imBrettValentine found a little note perched on a desk with just two words written on it: “Mozambique here!”


Mozambique Here ! (Found in Hyperscape) from r/apexlegends

Obviously, there is no Mozambique shotgun in Hyper Scape, so is clearly a nod to its competitor — and is a pretty funny one at that.

For players who have made Hyper Scape their main game, this might have triggered some unwanted flashbacks, but it does raise the question of whether there are even more undiscovered easter eggs in the game.