How to revive players in Hyper Scape: Echoes, Restore Points, more

Andrew Amos
Hyper Scape gunfight in city centre

In Hyper Scape, like nearly every other battle royale these days, there’s a revive mechanic. However, it works very differently to other titles. Here’s how “restoring” in Ubisoft’s battle royale works, and what you can do while you’re “downed” as an Echo.

No matter how good you are at Hyper Scape, you will inevitably die every now and again. However, like most other battle royales on the market these days, Ubisoft’s futuristic title has a revive mechanic.

The “restore” system works very differently to other titles though. While it’s most similar to Fortnite or Apex Legends, it’s not quite the same because ultimately the downed player still plays a part in the revive.

Hyper Scape playing as an echo
After you die in Hyper Scape, you’ll ‘respawn’ as an Echo until your teammate revives you.

If you haven’t yet jumped into Neo Arcadia and want to know how the afterlife works in Hyper Scape, we’ve got a quick guide to playing as an “Echo” after you die, and how you can jump back into the action.

Playing as an Echo in Hyper Scape

In Hyper Scape, when you die, you don’t have to lay down lifeless until your ally picks you up. You get to still play the game, but just as an Echo.

Echoes in Hyper Scape have no health, but are totally invisible and can move around as normal. You can act as a scout for your still-alive team mates, warning them of danger ahead. You can also ping weapons on the ground.

You can’t interact with the environment though. This means you can’t break down barriers by yourself ⁠— you’ll need your allies to shoot them down for you to scout ahead. Until you get revived, or your squad gets wiped, you’ll play as an Echo.

Reviving in Hyper Scape at Restore Points

The Echo mechanic works in tandem with how reviving in Hyper Scape works. By warning your allies about enemies up ahead, they can better prepare for the gunfight to get you back alive.

Two Hyper Scape characters jumping for crown
The more allies you have in the Showdown, the more likely you’ll take the crown in Hyper Scape.

When your ally kills an enemy, a Restore Point will open up on the ground. This will allow you to revive once you jump on it with an ally nearby. Here’s a quick rundown of how this works:

  1. Kill an enemy to gain access to their Restore Point.
  2. Have the Echo walk over to the Restore Point.
  3. Initiate the revive. This will take a little bit of time, so be sure to protect your ally.
  4. After a short period of time, your ally will be back in the fight.

You might need to drop them some weapons or hacks to help them get back on their feet, especially if the enemy you killed didn’t have a lot of equipment on them.

From there, you can play out the game as normal. If you get revived, be sure to quickly try to get your hacks and guns back up to max power before you get thrown into the Showdown phase, so you have a better chance of taking home the crown.