Hyper Scape weapons list: pistols, rifles, snipers, more

Andrew Amos
Hyper Scape character

Hyper Scape has finally dropped. As with most battle royales, there’s a cache of weapons you have to get to know. We’ve mapped them all out for you, so you know what’s coming before you launch into Neo Arcadia.

Ubisoft’s take on the battle royale genre has been a hit with players since launching on July 2. The fast-paced FPS, focusing on verticality and equippable boosts called hacks has a unique feel compared to other titles in the genre.

There’s one thing that Hyper Scape does share in common with its competitors though ⁠— and that’s weapons. You can’t really have a battle royale game without having something to take out the competition.

Hyper Scape character sniping
Running and jumping is one thing, but you won’t get anywhere in Hyper Scape without shooting.

In Hyper Scape, there’s a cache of weapons you can pick up. However, what’s worth picking up? We’ve got a guide mapping out all the weapons you can find on Neo Arcadia, and which ones are worth it.

Every weapon in Hyper Scape

At launch, there’s nine weapons to pick up in Hyper Scape. Two of them are pistols, there’s one shotgun, one sniper rifle, one assault rifle, a minigun, and three “launchers.”

The pistols ⁠— the D-Tap and the Riot One ⁠— are weaker than some of their bigger counterparts, but that’s to be expected. Every weapon has its place, with some being easier for beginners, while others are fine tuned for battle royale experts.

  • D-Tap: A pistol with an auto-targeting system. It does a low amount of damage, and can’t headshot, but it’s incredibly easy to use. If you are struggling, it’s the ideal weapon to have at your side.
  • Riot One: A pistol akin to the Wingman in Apex Legends. It does a lot of damage, but is hard to land shots with, especially when firing at range.
  • Mammoth MK 1: A pump-action shotgun that is one of the best weapons for close-quarters combat. While it won’t one-shot players, it’s got a relatively low time to kill when firing at short range.
  • Ripper: The token assault rifle in Hyper Scape, the Ripper is a fusion between a rifle and an SMG. It’s got a decent rate of fire, and does a fair chunk of damage. If you find one, pick it up, as it’s the most versatile weapon in the game.
  • Hexfire: A light machine gun (LMG) with an incredible rate of fire ⁠— counterbalanced by low damage and massive bloom. It’s very good in short range when mowing down squads, but lacks control to be used at range.
  • Protocol V: Hyper Scape’s only sniper, the Protocol V is probably the strongest weapon right now. It’s the only weapon with a one-shot kill at maximum fusion. Like all snipers, it excels at range, but struggles in close-quarters combat.
  • Komodo: A please rocket launcher that deals flat damage to enemies caught in its blast radius. This makes it less aim-reliant, however to compensate it does less damage.
  • Salvo EPL: A grenade launcher that is great for firing at enemies in enclosed spaces. While it doesn’t do a lot of damage, stack a few bad boys up in a room, and you’ll easily take down a squad.
  • Skybreaker: A rocket launcher that fires a super-powerful orb of energy. It’s slow-moving, so it can be dodged pretty easily, but you’ll only ever need two shots to take down an enemy with it.
Hyper Scape gunfight
Each weapon in Hyper Scape serves a different purpose.

Fusing weapons in Hyper Scape: how does it work?

Fusing weapons is a key part of Hyper Scape. Most weapons are pretty weak in their base form, and you’ll need to “fuse” them to get stronger. This includes boosting damage, magazine size, fire rate, and more stats.

The Fusion mechanic is pretty straightforward, but it’s a must-know if you want to get good guns in Hyper Scape. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Pick up a weapon of your choice.
  2. When you find a copy of it, go to pick it up.
  3. Instead of equipping, it should fuse together with your current weapon.
  4. Once fused, it should have boosted stats.

There are five levels, so be sure to find four copies of your favorite weapon to get the most out of it. At the fifth rank, you’ll also get an extra boost, which could come in clutch in an intense gunfight to claim the crown for yourself.