Honkai Star Rail players praise “amazing” puzzles but wish there were more

Jessica Filby
Honkai Star Rail Puzzles

Puzzles may not be the primary element of Honkai Star Rail, but fans have found it to be one of the pivotal elements that make the game so enjoyable, praising the game’s “amazing and fun” puzzles, while some wish there were more.

Honkai Star Rail is well known for its almost impeccable release and has garnered a cult following since it came out, with many fans praising most of the game’s features. This praise has extended to the available puzzles, with one player taking to Reddit to appreciate the “amazing and fun” puzzles available in Honkai Star Rail.

However, others have taken to the comments to question the OP’s point of view, with many wishing there were more and others calling for more complicated experiences.

Players praise Honkai Star Rail’s puzzles but some wish there were more

“Can we get a moment to appreciate how amazing and fun the puzzles in the game” are, posted one Honkai Star Rail fan. Soon after, thousands of people agreed and hundreds took to the comments to display their similar thoughts, often comparing the game to its similar counterpart, Genshin Impact.

However, others disagreed, calling them “easy” and coming up with a few ideas to make these challenges better.

One player took to the comments to express their love for the Puzzles, stating “I’ve really enjoyed the puzzle designs so far and look forward to seeing what they come up with later” and going on to explain how the puzzles are simple but “not so simple that you know what the answer is the instant you look at them.”

Others took a similar stance on the puzzle’s difficulty, highlighting how they “are fun but I wish most were harder.”

To add to the praise, some fans compared them to Genshin Impact, explaining how they felt that “HSR puzzles are good fun. It’s easy, but it’s more rewarding than Genshin puzzles,” referring to the occasional useful reward you get from completing puzzles in Honkai Star Rail.

Interestingly, some took to the comments to highlight alternative ideas and ways to make the puzzles more entertaining, using the idea of rewards as their basis, one player explained that “at the very least it could give credits and some artifact xp,” offering a similar style of Genshin Impact.

Another fan wished “they respawned weekly or something” so they could keep solving for a regular supply of rewards.

It’s not clear whether we’ll be seeing more puzzles come to Honaki Star Rail in its next update, but what is clear is how popular they would be if more were added.

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