Honkai: Star Rail players praise flawless launch without a single issue

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After the release of Honkai: Star Rail, many players have expressed high praise about the game’s launch, labeling the delivery “perfect” and “awesome to play.”

As a highly anticipated Genshin Impact-style game, there was a lot riding on the release of Honkai: Star Rail, with millions looking to join the servers as soon as possible. However, rather than crumble under the pressure, Honkai: Star Rail has been released almost entirely without a hitch, impressing players.

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One Honkai: Star Rail player took to Reddit to express their surprise regarding the game’s smooth release, stating “Mihoyo’s first day of launch should get more credit for how smoothly it went.” Shortly after, hundreds more shared their similar experiences.

Honkai: Star Rail players praise “perfectly” delivered launch day

Through the Reddit post, the poster argued, “HSR is probably one of the most hyped games in recent months and it delivered perfectly” going on to highlight how they “didn’t run into any connectivity issues” on their laptop, despite fears of server issues or frame issues like Genshin experienced upon its release.

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“It’s very easy to have a mediocre launch day because of connectivity issues and the sheer size of new players but they made the first day incredibly enjoyable and without any noticeable problems,” they concluded.

Hundreds of commenters also expressed the same, with many confirming they “haven’t run into one issue yet.”

Others highlighted that they “had no issue, even for the hundreds of thousands accounts made, the servers were really well,” further praising the strength of the servers which were quickly filled with excited players.

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One of the elements highlighted repeatedly was the framerate on low-end tech. “The game is so well optimized my 15yo pc can run it on 60fps,” one player said. “Surprised to see how well the game performed on my lower-end laptop,” they continued. “It’s much better compared to Genshin Impact on low graphic settings.”

However, Honkai’s launch wasn’t totally without issue. “A few of my friends are stuck on the login screen and unable to proceed despite restarting the app,” one player said.

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Nevertheless, with all the praise, one quote sums up the community’s feeling towards Honkai: Star Rail’s release: “They’re definitely proving to be titans of the industry in their own unique way.”

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