Helldivers 2 players love it so much they’re upgrading to deluxe edition

Jessica Filby
Helldivers 2 balance changes

Helldivers 2 players love the game so much that they’re now upgrading to the deluxe edition just to support its developers further.

The Helldivers 2 developers haven’t had it easy since the game was released. It became an instant hit and surpassed some of the biggest games on Steam for its concurrent players. While this was certainly a great start for Helldivers 2, it then caused the servers to overload, with the developers, Arrowhead Games constantly releasing patches to allow more soldiers the chance to fight for democracy.

They’ve been working tirelessly to increase the server status, and have released a variety of patches to help improve the experience for all – and it’s clear the fanbase has taken notice.

Helldivers 2 players are upgrading to Super Citizen to praise devs

An image of a Helldivers 2 screenshot.

Sharing their praise on Reddit, one user revealed how they “upgraded to Super Citizen today.” Super Citizen is the deluxe edition of Helldivers 2, and adds in a premium battle pass, a few new cosmetics, and a title change.

However, they didn’t buy it because of the content, with the player going on to say: “Not because I wanted the extra stuff, but because I am extremely impressed of what Arrowhead are doing for the community and the hard work they are putting down. Everything from being active on Reddit, Twitter etc, responding to concerns about bugs, features, and hackers, and the the way they keep us in the loop with what is going on behind the scenes.”

Every step of the way, Arrowhead has been producing patches, and statements, and is dedicated to creating a joyful and chaotic experience for all, and now players buying the upgraded edition “because [they] feel like they deserve it.”

The poster went on to praise and thank the devs for their hard work and transparency.

They weren’t the only ones, with hundreds taking to the comments to share their appreciation, and upgraded games.

“100% the way to spend your dollars. Well done Helldiver” commented one user, while another added how they’ve “happily upgraded and got $20 of super credits for extra armor because I want to support the devs.”

Others praised the poster for sharing, with many highlighting how they were “wanting to do the same, and it gives the premium warbond so I can use my next supercreds on store skins instead.”

Ultimately, with so much love for the community and the developers, one comment sums up the player bases feeling towards Helldivers 2: “Never been happier to spend my money on a game.”

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