Helldivers 2 players praise “giga-brain” strategy used to kill Bile Titans

Brianna Reeves
Helldivers 2 bile titan

One Helldivers 2 player’s “giga-brain” stratagem for eliminating a Bile Titan has the community cheering for democracy.

Helldivers 2 pits players against a menagerie of challenging enemies, many of which belong to the Terminids faction.

This group of creepy insects ranges in size from small, easy-to-defeat grunts to over-sized behemoths. Bile Titans occupy the latter sub-group, capable of spitting acid and delivering blows that can wipe out Divers with little effort.

Interestingly, it seems one user figured out a way to efficiently bring Bile Titans to their knees, earning much applause from the Helldivers community.

Helldivers 2 player uses Hellpods to defeat Bile Titan

Helldivers players rely on several stratagems to take on the biggest Terminid bug. The Orbital Laser serves as one such example, chipping away at the beast’s armor bit by bit. Heavy Support weapons can also prove useful; however, one person found deploying Hellpods even more effective.

Reddit user Kalypso1995 shared their strategy in a clip that shows the Bile Titan succumbing to a well-timed Hellpod deployment. When the user requests an Expendable Anti-Tank in the video’s final few seconds, the pod housing the weapon lands right on top of the enemy and eliminates it.

It’s unclear how many times the Redditor pulled this trick before the Bile Titan died, but other Helldivers 2 players seem impressed. Reads one comment in the thread, “This is some giga brain moment right here.”

Another user cheered the player on by writing, “This is actually very, very clever! Every somewhat experienced helldiver knows that the most efficient way to kill the Bile Titan is by the hellpods!”

Other responses suggest lots of Helldivers 2 users will soon be giving this trick a try. “Trick shot competition underway. I knew the stratagems could stick itself unto shields but always wondered if it would fall off if I dropped my pack, thanks for the answer lol,” said one fan.

It’s good to know that in Helldivers 2, there’s more than one way to exterminate bugs.

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