Every weapon in Helldivers 2: How to unlock, weapon types, more

Brad Norton
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Helldivers 2 is all about taking down waves of enemies and your choice of weapons in crucial to succeed in the game. So here’s a rundown of every available weapon in the shooter and how to unlock them all, from auto rifles to explosive shotguns.

The long-awaited sequel to Helldivers, Helldivers 2 landed on February 8, 2024, and it’s been hugely popular so far. This follow-up to the beloved top-down title from Arrowhead Game Studios’ is an action-packed third-person shooter where weapons are extremely important.

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As you progress in Helldivers 2, you’ll be taking on missions and battling hordes of tough enemies so having a versatile amount of weapons to take into combat will be essential as you tackle the game‘s higher difficulties.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about all the weapons currently available in Helldivers 2, including how to unlock them and their types.

How many weapons are there in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 currently features 37 weapons in total, with 29 Primary guns and 8 Secondary guns.

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Helldivers 2 weaponsSony
Plenty of Helldivers 2 weapons still remain a mystery for now.

Of course, that number soars even higher when factoring in weapons pulled from Stratagems like Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers, but strictly speaking of weapons available for your loadout, 37 is the current haul.

There’s always a chance this number grows in future updates too, as devs look to keep the game fresh for months and even years to come.

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Every weapon we know about in Helldivers 2 & how to unlock them

While not every weapon appears to be available just yet in Helldivers 2, there are still plenty up for grabs and various means of unlocking them.

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Below is the full list of weapons currently accessible in Helldivers 2 along with how to unlock them:

Free Warbond Battle Pass (Helldivers Mobilise):

  • SG-8 Punisher (Shotgun): Page 1 – 4 Medals
  • P-19 Redeemer (Pistol): Page 2 – 5 Medals
  • R-63 Diligence (Marksman Rifle): Page 2 – 8 Medals
  • SMG-37 Defender (Submachine Gun): Page 3 – 15 Medals
  • SG-225 Breaker (Shotgun): Page 4 – 20 Medals
  • LAS-5 Scythe (Energy-Based): Page 5 – 30 Medals
  • AR-23P Liberator Penetrator (Assault Rifle): Page 6 – 40 Medals
  • R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper (Marksman Rifle): Page 7 – 40 Medals
  • SG-8S Slugger (Shotgun): Page 8 – 60 Medals
  • SG-225SP Breaker Spray & Pray (Shotgun): Page 9 – 60 Medals
  • PLAS-1 Scorcher (Energy-Based): Page 10 – 75 Medals

Premium Warbond Battle Pass (Steeled Veterans)

  • AR-23E Liberator Explosive (Assault Rifle): Page 1 – 20 Medals
  • P-4 Senator (Pistol): Page 1 – 15 Medals
  • SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary (Shotgun): Page 2 – 60 Medals
  • JAR-5 Dominator (Explosive): Page 3 – 80 Medals

So that’s what we know about the current arsenal of weapons available in Helldivers 2, but of course, plenty more still remain a mystery. We’ll be sure to keep you up to speed with all the latest right here.

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