Hearthstone players worried after devs tease Prince Renathal changes

Lawrence Scotti

Hearthstone players are concerned after the developers shared that they are looking into making changes to Prince Renathal, one of the most game-changing cards Blizzard has ever printed.

Prince Renathal is easily one of the craziest cards Blizzard has ever put into their massively popular digital card game Hearthstone.

The neutral Legendary minion arrived with the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion, and allows players to have 40 cards in a deck instead of 30, and start the game with 40 Health. The card instantly redefined the Hearthstone meta and has been one of the most popular cards in the game since the expansion’s launch.

However, the card game devs are apparently looking into changing him, and players aren’t too happy.

Hearthstone players beg Blizzard to leave Prince Renathal alone

In the game’s most recent patch 24.4.3, the devs added a comment that stuck out to many players.

In the post, they said: “The one notable outlier that is not getting changed, but which we are keeping a close eye on, is Prince Renathal. He is powerful and popular, but we don’t want this patch to completely shake up the meta, because we have something fun coming in Patch 24.6 and we want to see how Renathal performs in the next expansion before making changes to him.”

This instantly made Hearthstone players worried, as many view Renathal as a fantastic addition to the game. Tinkering with his design or card stats could ruin his power and uniqueness, causing him to exit the meta quickly.

Twitch streamer nohandsgamer said, “This is going to keep me up tonight. One of the best design decisions for Hearthstone in years and their thinking about changing it.”

Fellow streamer and Hearthstone pro player Savjz agreed with nohandsgamer and added: “Renathal is by far the best thing to happen to HS in years, maybe ever, and it hurts my brain to put it on nerf radar. The success should be celebrated. Still can’t believe this is how they feel about the card.

Savjz finished by begging Blizzard for some developer insight on Renathal.

Hopefully, for Hearthstone players Renathal goes untouched in the game’s next expansion, whatever that might be.