Hearthstone players “disappointed” after devs finally nerf Prince Renathal

Lawrence Scotti
hearthstone prince renathal

Hearthstone players shared their disappointment after finding out that Prince Renathal would be nerfed in the latest patch for the digital card battler.

Prince Renathal has been one of the most popular cards in Hearthstone since his release in the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion.

The neutral legendary minion reshaped how Hearthstone matches are played, granting players 40 HP upon starting a game and granting the player 40 cards in their deck instead of the typical 30.

Now, Renathal will have his power shrunk down significantly, and players aren’t happy about it.

Hearthstone players “disappointed” as Blizzard nerfs Prince Renathal

Blizzard has been teasing changes to the Prince for quite some time, and now, those changes have finally been revealed.

Instead of starting with 40 HP, players will now start with 35 instead. This change significantly nerfs the control decks that Renathal was bringing back to the meta.

Hearthstone fans share their sadness over the announcement on Reddit as a post went massively viral with the news.

Users in the comment section mourned the beloved legendary card.

One player said, “So depressing, so disappointing. No longer having fun in wild.”

Another added, “I’ve been playing HS on and off since 2015, Renathal is the single greatest thing to happen to be constructed in its entire history – better even than reno decks. This sucks ass and depending on how bad an impact it is, kills the game for me, I don’t think I’ve played a non-Renathal deck since his release.”

Clearly, players are taking the news quite harshly. For many, Renathal reignited their interest in Hearthstone and brought them back to playing Blizzard’s digital card game.