Hearthstone mini-set Deadmines revealed: Release date, trailer, cards

hearthstone deadminesBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment have revealed a new Hearthstone mini-set called Deadmines with a pirate-themed trailer and fast-approaching release date.

Blizzard’s card game Hearthstone got a huge new game mode Mercenaries in October 2021 and was praised by players for its unique new gameplay features.

Now, Blizzard has announced a new mini-set of cards is coming to Hearthstone titled Deadmines, named after the iconic World of Warcraft dungeon.


Deadmines release date

The Hearthstone Deadmines mini-set will be released on November 2, 2021. The mini-set will be part of the current expansion, United in Stormwind.

Hearthstone’s new Deadmines set highlights pirates and Edwin VanCleef.

Deadmines trailer

The Deadmines set was announced with an in-depth trailer that showed off some of the characters and themes we’ll soon explore.

The pirates that appeared in the teaser sang a pirate shanty, battled over gold, and gave us our first look at what to expect in the mini-set.

Deadmines will revolve around pirates and a Rogue-themed set. The trailer starred Legendary Rogue minion Edwin VanCleef, leader of the Defias gang.

VanCleef was a part of the Classic set of cards until March 2021 when he was rotated into the Legendary set. He will make a return of some kind in standard format with the release of the next mini-set.

Pirate cards are very popular in the Rogue and Warrior classes, so we might see some new class cards released soon.

New cards

Although the trailer revealed the theme of the set, no new cards have officially been revealed just yet.

With Edwin VanCleef taking center stage in the trailer for the mini-set, we should expect him to make a return in some fashion, as well as other Pirate class cards.