Nier’s 2B finally playable in Smash Ultimate with incredible fighter mod

Smash bros nierDemonSlayerx8

Nier Automata’s protagonist 2B has been one of the most popular candidates to join Smash Ultimate for a long time, and now fans can finally play as her thanks an impressive fighter mod.

Smash Ultimate’s roster may have concluded with the arrival of Sora rounding out Fighters Pass Volume 2, but players are still finding ways to add characters who missed out on an invitation to the game.

The character 2B is no exception and a mod crafted by DemonSlayerX8 perfectly inserts her into the jam-packed roster, and she looks absolutely stunning.

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Nier’s 2B, A2 and 9S join the battle

In addition to 2B, A2 and 9S are included in the mod. This is because DemonSlayerX8 used Pyra and Mythra as the fighters to model the characters off.

Basically, the mod is just a skin, but with some properties that make it really stand out. For one, it has unique voices, stock icons and character portraits.

Mythra’s weight, moves and her overall style lend themselves nicely to 2B, making for quite a nice substitute. A2’s heavier look matches well with Pyra, so both of the characters are nicely utilized.

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2b in Smash UltimateDemonSlayerx8
2B looks amazing as a Smash Ultimate fighter.

Of course, 9S ends up taking the form of Rex from Xenoblade and is only seen in the Final Smash, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that 2B is ever really added to Smash Ultimate unless Sakurai surprises us with more DLC fighters down the line. For the time being, this is absolutely fantastic and a must-play for Nier fans.

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