Hearthstone devs tease major patch to ‘slow’ game down coming soon

Lawrence Scotti
arthas lich king hearthstone death knight

Hearthstone developers have teased a massive patch schedule for late January aiming to slow gameplay down.

March of the Lich King shook up the Hearthstone meta in a significant way when it launched in early December.

The new expansion added a whole new hero class in Death Knights, a new keyword in Manathirst, and the introduction of dual-type cards.

After just one patch since the expansion hit live servers, devs are already looking to shake up the meta once again.

Hearthstone devs looking to “slow” gameplay down next patch

Final Design Lead at Hearthstone Aleco Gereco shed light on Hearthstone’s next balance patch in a post on social media.

“Had some great chats today about our next balance patch, which is coming later this month. We kept a close eye on all of your feedback over the break and will be keeping it in mind as we work on the update.”

He also added the devs will be looking at more “spicy” changes in this patch compare to the most recent patch which had only a handful of alterations.

He also revealed the devs are looking to shake up the current most popular decks and said, “A soft goal for the patch will be to slow the game speed down slightly.”

Right now, fast decks are dominating the ranked ladder from the Hunter, Shaman, and Mage classes.

It’s possible we will see big changes to cards from these classes, as well as a handful of neutral cards which are currently making the meta quite fast-paced. We won’t know specifically which cards they plan on targeting until later in January when the devs push out the patch notes for the digital card game’s next update.