Hearthstone detectives theorize new expansion will be announced next week

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Hearthstone players believe developer Blizzard Entertainment will announce the card game’s newest expansion very soon.

Each year Blizzard Entertainment releases three different Hearthstone expansions that introduce hundreds of new cards to the beloved digital card game along with new mechanics, cosmetics, and more.

With Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone’s most recent expansion, about to become three months old, it’s about time the devs announce the expansion that will follow the murder mystery party. And fans of the game believe an announcement is on the way.

Hearthstone players believe next expansion is coming soon

Back in 2021, former game director for Hearthstone August Dean Ayala revealed how the HS devs chart out their content release schedule.

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If his calculations are still correct, that means within a week or two the next expansion should be revealed.

Although Ayala left Blizzard to work on League of Legends in 2022, the schedule has still continued just the same.

A thread on the Hearthstone Reddit page went viral as players attempted to predict exactly when the expansion would be revealed. One user surmised it would be Tuesday, October 25, as that’s typically the day of the week when Blizzard makes big announcements.

A teaser for what exactly is coming in the game’s next expansion has already been hinted at in the most recent patch.

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The devs explained that they didn’t want to alter Prince Renathal just yet because of what’s coming in the future, “we have something fun coming in Patch 24.6 and we want to see how Renathal performs in the next expansion before making changes to him.”

Whatever is planned for the next expansion could be just as big as Renathal, who has easily been the most impactful card the devs have printed over the last few years.

If their hints are any indication of what’s to come, then the game’s next expansion could be the biggest and boldest one yet. Until a formal announcement is made, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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