Twitch streamer MOONMOON savagely roasted by frustrated Halo Infinite teammate

MOONMOON next to Halo's Firing Range map343 Industries

Twitch streamer MOONMOON’s game of Halo Infinite went from bad to worse as a random teammate upstaged him on stream to tell him exactly what he thought of his tactics.

Halo Infinite has bought Halo fever back to the internet, with kill clips and trick plays from the game all over social media, and some of the world’s biggest streamers playing and talking about the game.

It’s not been all good, though, as popular streamer MOONMOON found out in a game of Strongholds on the game’s Firing Range map. With his team already losing, and only holding one of three control points, MOONMOON heads into a quiet corridor to compose himself – committing the cardinal sin of leaving control point A unguarded.

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MOONMOON roasted in Halo Infinite: “Bro that’s embarrassing”

Halo Infinite multiplayer screenshot343 Industries
Halo Infinite can be an unforgiving place – even for streamers.

Before you watch the clip, we should note that there’s some choice language involved.

As the streamer bides his time, looking for an opportunity to counter, a random teammate hops into voice chat to tell him why that’s not the best way to play.

The randomer drags MOONMOON back to the fight, saying “get the f**k outta here”, noting that with enemies encroaching on the point that he should be defending it.

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They add “Is that what you got? Is that the best you got? No more of that”, before saying “bro, that’s embarrassing”.

After MOONMOON pleads his case to the stranger, he remains unimpressed, saying “what were you gonna do”, to which MOONMOON loses his cool, before his very chatty teammate says “no, I know how you thought it was gonna go down, but that’s not how that was gonna happen”.

Thankfully, the two could laugh it off. MOONMOON says “let’s reset our mental”, before cheekily adding “you’re a b**ch”.

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