Official Halo miniatures combat game brings the fight to tabletops in 2024

Scott Baird
Halo Infinite team

Master Chief will soon appear in plastic form, as a Halo miniature game has been announced by Mantic Games, setting to finish the fight in September 2024.

Halo is by no means the only video game franchise to receive its own miniature or board game in recent years, as the popularity of Kickstarter and similar crowd-funding platforms has allowed many to be made, such as the recent Resident Evil board game.

Indeed, Halo has already received several board games in the past, including the Halo ActionClix figures, RISK: Halo Wars Collector’s Edition, and even Halo Monopoly. It seems that even Master Chief cannot avoid the horrors of bankruptcy.

While the Halo license might not be a great fit for a property dealing game where the Spartans must stop the Covenant from buying hotels, it is ideal for combat-themed titles, so it’s no surprise it’s being adapted to tabletop form.

Halo CE's Mark V armor in Halo Infinite

A Halo miniature game is coming in September 2024

Board and miniature game developer Mantic Games has announced a partnership with 343 Industries, resulting in a new Halo miniature combat game set to launch in September 2024, with previews planned to be released in March.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with 343 Industries on bringing Halo to tabletops everywhere,” said Ronnie Renton, CEO and founder of Mantic Games.

“Having a firefight play out on the table while moving Spartans in and out of cover connects players to the action in a new and special way. We have a thrilling and competitive game, from a passionate team of talented sculptors, artists, and designers who have been building an incredible Halo experience.”

Few details have been given about the game, including its name. All that is certain is that it will feature the Spartans, suggesting it’s close to multiplayer Halo in design. It would be a huge missed opportunity if the other factions from the Halo universe were missing, but we’ll have to wait and see if they’re included.

There’s also the question of whether vehicles will be a part of the game, considering that they’d need bigger miniatures to accommodate them. Would it also be centered around large maps, or would it have claustrophobic corridors for Spartans to hide in, ala Space Hulk?

Details about the Halo tabletop game are sparse, but we won’t have to wait much longer to find out more, as previews are set to be released soon, giving fans their first look at Master Chief’s tabletop avatar.