Best Halo Infinite Forge maps: 15 custom creations you need to play

Halo Infinite Forge maps headerMadManEpic

Halo Infinite’s Forge is the best version of the game mode to date, so here are some of the best map designs and creations that have already been developed by the Halo community for your enjoyment.

After months of teasing and waiting, Halo Infinite’s Forge mode has finally arrived. As part of the game’s massive Winter Update, gamers now have the chance to customize, create and design their own maps, guns, and much more.

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Despite having only just launched, the Halo community has already been hard at work with their creations. Whether it be recreating iconic maps from past Halo games, bringing to life locations from movies and TV shows, or simply making a whole new map, Halo Infinite’s Forge already has some fantastic designs available to play through.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite Halo Infinite Forge creations so far.

Repul Soccer by Bob_Is_Here

Halo Infinite Forge maps Repul SoccerBob_Is_Here
A Halo Infinite soccer mini-game? What more could you ask for.

While Forge does allow for maps to be created, it also gives players the chance to design new and innovative mini-games and game modes in Halo Infinite. Enter Repul Soccer, an Infinite map that is Rocket league meets Grifball.

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Creator Bob_Is_Here has turned the Repulsor gadget into an even better and more exciting tool with this game. The map is a 4v4 game so go get some friends and give this unique and genius map a go. 

Excited to play some Halo Infinite soccer? Repul Soccer can be downloaded here.

Lockout (remake) by Uneeq

Halo Infinite Forge maps Lockout_Uneeq
Lockout is one of the most well-known and beloved Halo maps of all time.

Of course, one of the most exciting parts of Forge is that it gives Halo players the chance to recreate some of the franchise’s most iconic locations and maps. And when it comes to the Halo multiplayer experience, it doesn’t get more legendary than Lockout.

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This Halo 2 multiplayer map is a fan favorite and one that has been remade by Uneeq in great detail. For longtime Halo fans, this Forge creation is a must-play.

Halo Infinite’s Lockout remake by Uneeq can be downloaded and played here.

Damnation (Halo CE Remake) by TheSilenceBrokn

Speaking of remasters, this modern take on the classic Combat Evolved map Damnation is yet another great throwback map for old-time Halo players.

For those interested, Halo Infinite’s Damnation supports Slayer, Oddball King of the Hill, Last Spartan Standing, and more. Damnation by TheSilenceBrokn can be accessed here.

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Eternity by Paimon

This map is a small and vertically heavy setting that utilizes the beauty and detail of Infinite’s Forge mode expertly. It’s a visual treat but one that also promotes fast-paced gameplay and close-quarters combat.

What’s more, the creator has uploaded a YouTube video running through how they created the map. So for those Halo players wanting a deep dive into how to create a polished yet simple Forge map, Eternity is one to look into.

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Eternity is available for download here.

Final Destination [20XX] by MadManEpic

Another mini-game that is as fun as it is creative. Final Destination pits players against each other with only a plasma pistol and high-knockback grenades. They are given high health and infinite grapple shot and repulsor charges.

In essence, this Forge creation is like Halo’s version of Smash Bros. It is chaotic, fun and can be played 1v1 or with up to 8 players. For those wanting to give this unique mode a go, the map can be accessed here.

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Curfew by Sikamikanico

Halo Infinite Forge maps curfew_Sikamikanico
Curfew is a revamped version of a popular Halo 5 Forge map.

This Halo Infinite Forge creation is a revamped version of the Halo 5 Forge map, Precinct. While the Halo 5 version was made in partnership with BlaxeDillion, creator Sikamikanico has decided to bring the map to Infinite on their own.

With a futuristic, dystopian setting as the backdrop, Curfew can be played multiple ways and with up to 8 players. The Forge creation supports Slayer, King of the Hill, and Strongholds.

This map is available to play and download here.

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Rapture by Fort

Halo Infinite Forge maps RaptureFort
Bioshock’s underwater city Rapture is an iconic gaming setting.

Would you kindly go ahead and give this amazing Bioshock recreation a go in Halo Infinite? When many think of iconic gaming settings, the city of Rapture is likely to be at the top of that list.

Fort has created a map that replicates part of this beloved underwater city, with up to 8 Halo players able to go toe-to-toe in FFA in this map. This is just one great example of how vast the customization is with Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. 

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Rapture can be accessed and downloaded here.

Parkour Evolved by Oscarb640

For the Halo players wanting to take a break from shooting and simply give the racing life a go, this Forge creation is a fun, challenging but beautifully created race course.

The map has checkpoints set up for when you go tumbling off the track. And with edits and updates still on the way, this course is a fun way to change up the usual Halo multiplayer experience.

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For those wanting to test their Halo driving skills, the map can be downloaded here.

MW2 Highrise by HollywoodForge

Halo Infinite Forge maps CoDHollywoodForge
Halo Infinite’s Forge has gamers making classic Call of Duty maps as well as old Halo ones

A Call of Duty map in Halo Infinite? Talk about a crossover for the ages. This remake of the iconic Modern Warfare 2 map can be played with up to 24 players.

It is a great map for vertical gameplay and a fun example of how Infinite’s Forge allows gamers to bring not just the best Halo maps to the game but also the best maps from other great multiplayer experiences.

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MW2 Highrise can be downloaded here.

Paintball Hedge Maze by Bob_Is_Here

Halo Infinite Forge maps headerBob_Is_Here
Calling all paintball fans, this Forge map is for you.

As well as making Repul Soccer, Forge creator Bob_Is_Here has also made a paintball mini-game map in the new Forge creator. With only a modded-up Battle Rifle and Plasma Pistol at your disposal, this game mode is a fun experience that can be played with up to 24 players.

For those scared to give real paintball a go, Halo Infinite gives you the chance to play it virtually. Paintball Hedge Maze can be accessed here.

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Hex-A-Gone by Unsorted_Guy

A Fall Guys crossover with Halo? Sign us up thanks. This map is inspired by the aesthetic and gameplay of, you guessed it, Fall Guys. Creator Unsorted_Guy describes the map and creation as a unique game-mode, “the goal of this mini game is to be the last player standing above the lava.”

This Forge creation can be played with up to 16 players and can have as little as 4. So grab some buddies and see who can be the last person standing. Hex-A-Gone can be downloaded here.

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Glacial by AbyssalSoda

Halo Forge maps glacialAbyssalSoda
This snowy setting is one that Halo fans will feel at home with from past Halo games

This big team battle map offers up a giant, icy settling for players to dive into. Creator AbyssalSoda describes the map as, “a semi-asymmetrical map set on a remote part of Installation 07 where some UNSC troops found themselves stranded and alone after the loss of the Infinity.”

With plenty of vantage points for long range combat as well as flat surfaces for vehicular battles, Glacial’s snowy setting is one that Halo fans can play with a sense of nostalgia to go along with it.

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Glacial can be accessed here

Jenga! by TheOneTruery

Halo Infinite Forge maps and creations JengaTHEONETRUERY
Jenga in Halo? Sign me up now

The Halo community isn’t just replicating other video game settings and mini-games, they’re also bringing real life board games to Halo Infinite’s Forge mode.

For those confused as to how Jenga would even work in Halo, the map creator has provided a brief explanation. “At the beginning of the game and every round, a random player is selected to be the prop thrower, infection style! The throwers have infinite repulsors to easily throw things around along with their energy swords.”

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Jenga! by TheOneTruery can be played here.


Halo Infinite Forge maps creation D1SC0Cjvdvq
Cyberpunk meets Halo in this funky Forge creation

This steampunk inspired map is about as close as Halo fans will get to playing through Infinite with a Cyberpunk like backdrop. With fantastic lighting and massive attention to detail, creator CJVDQ had done a great job of creating a fully realised setting.

For those wanting to jump into this Forge creation, D1SC0 can be found here.

NEUROSIS by StarCaster8281

This simple yet exciting Forge creation puts Halo players on either side of a massive Bridge. With only one direction to go, head to head combat or long range battles are encouraged. However, the map also offers up great opportunity for aerial battles if players are able to get their hands on some of the maps vehicles.

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With a great large open setting, Neurosis is a great Big Team Battle setting, one that is likely to inspire some epic 1v1 battles. Neurosis can be downloaded here.

So there you have it! Some of our favorite Halo Infinite Forge maps so far. Be sure to check back in with this page regularly as we update you with all the latest creations.

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