Rainbow Six Siege leaks suggest Halo’s Master Chief is coming to the game

Jeremy Gan
master chief from halo343 Industries, Bungie

A Rainbow Six Siege leak is suggesting a Master Chief skin for Sledge is coming to the game as Halo’s iconic protagonist drops into battle.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Y8S3 Heavy Mettle update is finally live on Test Servers and players can check out the new operator, Ram, among other updates. But with the new patch comes a leak for a new Elite Set. 

Rainbow Six’s Elite Sets have grown increasingly unique and at times absurd over the years as Ubisoft references its various IPs into R6. From a Splinter Cell skin to dressing up Operators as Majima from Yakuza, and even dressing up Iana as 2B from Neir Automata. 

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And now, a new leak is suggesting that Sledge could be getting his very own Mjolnir armor as he could be welcoming a Master Chief skin. 

According to an Xbox writer, Klobrille, Master Chief is coming into Rainbow Six as an Elite skin, with presumably accompanying weapon skins and cosmetics to boot. 

Klorbrille did not reveal any other cosmetics which will be coming along with a Sledge-dressed Master Chief, however, you can expect themed skins to be in the conversation too.

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However, because this is a leak, do take it with a grain of salt. But Klobrille does show a clip of the Elite Skin, turning it around and showcasing the skin, so it appears to be rather legitimate.

As for when it may be coming out, Klobrille did not include any timeframe for its potential release. However, since the Y8S3 update has only just gone live in test servers with no Master Chief in sight, it may come in a future Y8S4 update or even further down the line.

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