Halo devs reveal an iconic Halo 3 multiplayer map is coming to Infinite

Halo 3 map Infinite header image copyTwitter: Halo Esports

Halo devs 343 have revealed that one of Halo 3’s most beloved multiplayer maps will be coming to Infinite.

343 revealed that fan-favorite Halo 3 map The Pit will be coming to Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer experience in the near future, an announcement that was made just in time to celebrate Halo 3’s fifteen-year anniversary.

The news of the incoming map was dropped during the HCS Orlando Major that took place on September 23-25, 2022. It was first announced via the Halo Esports official Twitter page, with a small video showing off what the iconic map will look like when it arrives in Halo Infinite.

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Part of why Halo players hold The Pit in such high regard is its compact and dense nature. While many Halo multiplayer maps offer up a bigger scale experience, The Pit kept things close and personal while also offering up lots of cover and height for different gameplay and tactical work.

While keeping the layout, Halo Infinite’s version of the map appears to have gotten quite the visual makeover from its classic Halo 3 design. Instead of being set in an abandoned warehouse, The Pit now includes bright purple color panels and a starry night in the sky. This futuristic design looks to completely reinvent the map while still maintaining a sense of nostalgia for the original look.

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Halo 3 map Infinite The Pit343 Industries
The new design of The Pit is much more stylized compared to the classic look.

With split-screen co-op canned by 343 and season 3 being hit with a big delay, 343 is now doing everything they can to keep fans committed to Infinite – including bringing back some fan-favorite content from previous titles.

While the date in which the map is set to drop is yet to be confirmed, online users are speculating that it will arrive during the game’s big Winter update on November 8, 2022. 

This update is also set to introduce the revamped and improved Forge game mode which is shaping up to be the best version of the feature to date.