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Halo player designs amazing Spartan Armor Core ranked reward

Published: 14/Dec/2021 17:10

by James Busby


Halo Infinite’s ranked mode doesn’t currently include Armor Cores as a reward, but one player has dazzled fans with their own custom ranked rewards. 

Halo Infinite’s Armor Core unlocks have caused a lot of anger within the game’s community, especially since the vast majority are unlocked via the premium battle pass and item shop. As of writing, Halo Infinite’s ranked mode only rewards players with weapon emblems and charms that are tied to specific ranks. 

This obviously comes as a disappointment to those that enjoy grinding ranked games and wish to showcase their skill with well-earned cosmetics. However, one talented player has designed their own ranked rewards, giving Halo Infinite a glimpse at what could be possible in the game’s future. 


Halo Infinite player designs ranked reward Armor Core

Halo Infinite Spartan wearing Yoroi armor
343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s Spartan Armor Cores are tied to the Battle Pass and item shop.

As of writing, Halo Infinite players that currently reach the lofty heights of the game’s Onyx rank are rewarded with no unique Armor Cores. In fact, like most of Infinite’s ranks, players are only given emblems and charms. 

So far, the only way players can unlock new Armor Cores is by leveling up the Battle Pass or buy purchasing them from the item shop. This has led to a lot of Halo fans demanding 343 change the way it rewards the playerbase. 

Despite the current frustrations around this area, one talented Halo player has designed a ranked reward that is worthy of only the best Spartans. The fan-made armor comes coated in a mixture of gold, red, and black – which makes it instantly stand out amongst Infinite’s current Armor Cores. 


Following my "Top 1000 Players" badge design named "Spartan Rank". I wanted people to have something to push towards rather than JUST the rank. If you finish in the top 1000 players by the end of the ranked season, you will receive these unlocks. from halo

The golden Mark VII helmet also features a dark red visor, which looks particularly striking. If that wasn’t enough, players are also rewarded with what appears to be two badges that can be equipped to weapons. 

“Basically, you get to Onyx, and the top 1,000 players in the world will get a new badge called Spartan,” explained the player. “If you finish in the Spartan rank (Top 1,000 global), you will receive these items.”

It’s certainly an incredibly cool armor concept and one that is worthy of the top 1,000 players. Whether 343 changes Halo Infinite ranked rewards remain to be seen, but for now, we can marvel at what could be possible in the game’s future.